Monday, December 27, 2010

Its a beautiful thing when you love somebody.

I have been dying to share this with you all forever now but I had to wait until post christmas.

So my boyfriend, you know the tall tree resembling one? Well, he is absolutely the most impossible person to gift for. Simply because he wants nothing but would be happy with anything. For instance if I brought him a stick from my backyard with a bow on it he would find it to be the most thoughtful thing and save it forevermore.
This is both one of the very reasons I love him and one of the very reasons he is so difficult.

Then one day it came to me.

A friend of his who graduated from Houghton, the very lovely Miss Elizabeth Jancewicz, does some of the most beautiful work I have seen to date. You know when you're looking at something that someone has produced and you cant believe you are actually lucky enough to say you know that person? Ya its pretty awesome.
Here are a few of my favorites..

Anyway I approached her and asked if she wouldn't mind doing a portrait of Greg and I. I knew it would be something he treasured, he loves her work very much. She happily accepted and told me her magical brian started moving right away. I gave her no guidelines I really wanted her to have freedom.

I met up with her in Rochester and she handed me the package. I sat down and opened it and my eyes immediately filled with tears. I was speechless. I know that may be hard to believe but it true, I had no words to express not only how beautiful it was, but how thankful I was to her.
Ya, I know. That's us. It is us in every way.

A big big biggggg thank you to you, Elizabeth, you totally captured our souls. Sending love hugs and thankfulness your way.
And to everyone else please check out her page and enjoy all the beauty.

Greg and I just sat and stared at it for hours. So perfect.
Elizabeth asked me if I would be interested in doing an art trade which I have never done before. So in turn for this beautiful work I am making aisle chair hangings for her upcoming wedding. I cant wait to share my sketchbook and prototypes for this! SO excited.

Hope you all had a lovely holiday!
xoxo, j

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas time is here.

I have had so much to blog!!!! But literally have felt like I am in hyper speed.
I promise after the Christmas my updates will be normal again.
Here is a quick peek at some holiday fun and friends I have been enjoying! yay!

So much more soon. I had miss jessicas fourth annual christmas party! i cant wait to share photos from that and other sillyness soon!



Friday, December 10, 2010

Friend of the week part II

That's right. I made it. I finished.
I am so excited to have some time again for blogging and other goodies.
But I just had to blog, RIGHT NOW!

Sometimes I see something and I am so overwhelmed with beauty and joy and inspiration I just absolutely need to share it.
So here goes..

Friend of the week: Hayden Welch

Hayden and I went to high school together and I had the pleasure of taking some art classes with her. I graduated two years ahead of her, but I always knew she was going to make it. She had something super special. It wasn't just her talent, it was her soul, her spirit, she is a lovely human being to share any time or space with.

Today she posted some of her newer work. I cried. By now in reading my blog I'm sure you know I am a complete sap, but really I was just moved.

She has just grown into herself even more than I could have imagined and what she is producing is simply beautiful. She is currently studying in Italy, and I hope she is soaking every moment.

A few years ago I wrote my first children's book. Hayden immediately came to my mind and I asked her to illustrate it.
The first time I received any of her drawings in the mail, I was speechless, it was like she took my brian and translated it for me. I was so thankful. It is on my back burner for now, but my story and her beautiful work will be revisited. For sure.
Sending love to you dear!

Whew! I just had to get all that out!

I have the next 5 weeks off of school. Do you know how much time that is?
This evening I have been compiling a list of everything I would like to accomplish in that time, I hope to share that with you later tonight or definitely in the morning.

xoxo jess

Friday, December 3, 2010

With a little help from my friends

So may I just share a really happy story?
So three years ago one of my "kids" got this vest for school and I was totally in love. It's from gap kids and since I oddly can fit into gap kids xxl (haha) I went to get one. Sadly they were sold out and never restocked. Everytime Emmie would wear it to school I would say how much I loved it and I wished it fit be because I would steal it.

So Emmie's mom asked me to stop by after work the other night because the kids got their new photos done and she had my yearly set:)
I did, and the photos came out great. Ps not to brag but I got a bigger size than wallets which I think makes me special. haha.
Then Annie (mom) told me Em to bring in my gift.
Gift? I was so confused.
Then Annie explained this was supposed to be for my 21st birthday which was almost two years ago, but it took forever to find.

When I pulled back the tissue paper I just cried and was literally speechless.
I kept saying "are you serious?" and "how did you even remember?"
She said she looked on Ebay everyday for over a year and finally one still with the tags came up and she snatched right up.
She kept apologizing it was two years late and I just kept hugging her.
It was probably one of the most thoughtful things anyone has ever done for me.
I was overwhelmed by such sweetness and the realization that people really care.
People care. Even if you don't see them everyday. Even if they never call. Even if you only spend small amounts of time together. Even if all you did was teach their kids preschool.
They care. You leave imprints on hearts even when you are unaware.
Love has no boundaries and knows no time frames.

"Love is real, it is not just in poetry and stories, it is truth and it will follow you everywhere you go from now on."

xoxo j

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

But for now I'll keep away, I've got nothing smart to say.

I'm sorry for my lack of blogging I just feel kind of stuck.
Its normal.
As a blogger you sometimes get the feeling that no one reads your blog and you wonder what is the point?
I'm there right now, feeling defeated about blogging.

So I'm going away for the weekend to my second home with boy.
Maybe I'll get my groove back, or maybe I'll just take a break from this.
I hope you all have a super great thanksgiving.
Eat lots of yummy things and enjoy your loved ones.


Friday, November 19, 2010

You are my sweetest downfall.

Beautiful white snow.

Did I ever mention I have a really talented boyfriend?

A boyfriend who I can call and say "babe I would really like home made blocks." and he makes them for me. Or "babe I would really like wooden animal blocks" and he makes them.

I have been asking for a picture of his cute creations and he finally provided me with one.

Are they not so sweet?
He draws the designs up then makes from wood scraps he finds, so they are eco-friendly as well.
He is looking for the perfect thing to stain them with to keep their really natural look.
So proud of him growing into his talents.

(last november by Bethany)

Hope you all find joy today.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ya, a tunnel from my window to yours.

On my way home from from my meeting yesterday my head is filled with magic, glee, and love.
It was practically overfilling.
I called Greg and started spewing out ideas. Thread allows you to have your own "tag" on your product. So I started sharing my brain with him on everything I might want, just something that really said me.
About 20 minutes later I got an email to my phone,
this is what he made of my ramblings..

Isn't it just darling?
Really, I wish you could have heard the nonsense I was sputtering. I cannot believe he made actual words out of it!
Love you babe.

I just really thought this captured my essence. And was thinking how many people around me really speak to my soul. So I was wondering/wishing/hoping to maybe have a variety of tags.
So if you think its possible to capture me in a tag PLEASE PLEASE make me one:)
OR if you have a photograph, quote, or anything else that may inspire me that you feel fits me I would love to hear from you, send them my way.
You can email me at - hopefully in a few days I will have a beautiful inspiration post to share with everyone!


Monday, November 15, 2010

Heres the scoop:)

Ok Ok. I've been keeping secrets, but I've just been nervous!
But as of today its official..
My little dollies are going to going to go up for sale at Thread!
Now I understand your insides aren't probably going as crazy as mine were, but it honestly feels like steps toward a dream.
Thread, is the sweetest boutique located in the South Wedge of Rochester.
My heart was elated when the owner, Sandy, said she thought my dolls would do well to make 10 bring them in and we'll see how they do. I think I have been smiling ever since.
I also got 4 random, outside christmas orders.


YAY! It is amazing to feel like you are doing something you love. I feel very blessed.
Sending love to Buddy, who told her about my dolls!
Thank you blog world for letting me share my special news:)


Thursday, November 11, 2010

I want to live a simple life.

Sometimes I live my life so in the fast lane, I compeletly forget how simply I find joy.
Or I think more importantly the very small things that bring me such joy.
Waking up at 5am everyday isn't so bad, and I truly love nannying. But today I got to sleep in because the kids had the day off of school. I got up and turned on the coffee pot (as I do every morning) and couldn't help but smile.
A mug, I was going to get to drink my coffee from a mug.
I was not going to be in a rush and I was not going to need a to-go cup. I was going to sit down and watch Boy Meets World and drink my coffee over a half hour period of time.
Let me tell you it was wonderful! It felt so refreshing to start my day this way.
I enjoyed a cup and a half of coffee, drew up two new sketches and then preceded to get ready.

Oh the little things.
I also wanted to share a "little thing" I found in NYC that made me super giddy.
We were in a little book store that was WONDERFUL. It had not only great books, but a bunch of little odds and ends.
I found these lovely vintage paper dolls clothes and just HAD to have them. They were so cute and I couldn't bare to leave them behind. The owner gave me the whole bag for 4 dollars. I couldn't even believe it.
I cannot wait to them in my craftings.

I really hope you find beauty, blessing, and joy in something very simple today. Don't overlook life, it is passing us by.

"The sun is up, the sky is blue, its beautiful and so are you."

xoxo j

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dont you worry Fridays not that far away.

I love a challenge.
I love the pressure to create something that is quick, creative, and cute.

So obviously I love when my dear friend maria calls me around 7:15 at night and asks me to make a hair bow for her niece's school picture day TOMORROW.
(Oh and we already had plans to meet at 8 that evening for dessert)
I simply looked at the clock and said no problem.

I ran up stairs got my sewing kit and other little essentials.
I can make a bow in minutes by now, but as I looked at it I wondered if it was the wrong color or wrong size or just plain not what she wanted.
So I came up with two totally new headband ideas. Cut out the patterns and got moving. They came out SO great and they are def something I will be working on perfecting an reproducing.
Ria sent me these pictures this morning of little Macey sporting some Green Bird.
Made me smile so much. She looks almost as cute as 'Tia' in the Bird.

I love making things people can enjoy, its very rewarding.
Hope everyone makes this through this wednesday with ease.

xoxo j

Cute Fings.

Remember awhile back I participated in the Hearts and Crafts indie craft festival?
Well, I was at the lovely Bethany and Ryan Terry's house recently and saw the cutest pictures from that day. Beth said Ry had taken them with his phone and they printed them for their little picture wall I showed you a few posts previous.
I needed some pictures of my work for an application and asked Beth to pass them along. I loved the look and thought the few pictures captured my shop very well.
But I just think they are so so so adorable couldn't bare not to also share them all with you here.
That bowl of bows seriously stole my heart.
I never wanted an IPhone until I saw these, sigh.

Hope everyone had a lovely night,

Monday, November 8, 2010

year one.

Love is a dress that you made long to hide your knees,
Love to say this to your face, I'll love you always.
-iron and wine

I want to be your last first kiss that you'll ever have.

But baby how we spoon like no one else.
-ingrid michelson

Today is for you.
-vampire weekend

And I'll live without you love but what good is one glove without the other.

I dreamed you first, but not so real.
-the weepies

Love like a sunset.

Love that will not betray you, dismay or enslave you, it will set you free.
-mumford and sons

They'd say, let your love grow tall.
-passion pit

A moment, a love
A dream aloud
A kiss, a cry
Our rights, our wrongs
-temper trap

Home is wherever I'm with you.
-edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros

Now I picture things, wedding bells and wedding rings, since I let myself fall in love with you.
-rosie thomas

Time to lay down my life, Honey I'd do it gladly for you.
-dustin kensrue

This weekend was Greg and I's one year anniversary. Sometimes I feel my words fall short, and I wish I could just express myself as in a song.
My best friend, I love you so much.
You inspire me everyday. I couldn't ask for a better man to stand next to.
So here we go, lets take on the world together.
You and I.

your little bird,