Sunday, January 24, 2010

oh tie me to the end of a kite.

I love adventure.

I loving being busy and feeling useful and being around people.

BUT, no matter what I do I love coming home to my couch, my guat blanket, the tv in the background, and fam.

I cant stop being happy that I enjoy this so much, mostly because I dont care what anyone says about broken family, or unpredictable family, it doesnt mean there isnt love.

I'm so glad I'm not cookie cutter.

Anyway, so much for writing "the next day" as my last post insisted I would. ha! so I'll just talk about the recent, which was this weekend.

I loved this weekend. It wasnt extra different from other weekends. but this weekend I was reminded of how big God is.

God is really big.

Just how He orchestrates situations and uses so many things to teach us. Just seeing God in everything He created, and conversation with people, and even tears that needed to be cried. He is so powerful and I am in awe. its good:)

Love wins. I truly believe it.

goodnight world,

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