Wednesday, January 6, 2010

second christmas.

So here I am home after a beautiful, beautiful week away.

I wish I was sleeping but my family just had our second christmas because our new edition (rachael belle) is home. Cant complain, so glad to have another sister. Shes pretty great, glad my brother has her.

My thoughts are sort of like mush at this hour, but I just wanted to say that new jersey took me by surprise. I love to see other places where God is moving in such big ways, and I am really thankful my boy is from such a real place, where I feel people are really thriving. I met so many people, with soft beautiful spirits, who I felt are just like me in the way that they want to show love to so many. And I think its truly beautiful how God can move to bring people together in a real way and His love is really what we end up seeing.


but I will write more of my adventure tomorrow. when my eyes are not heavy.

ps. I'm pretty sure I'm in love.

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