Monday, February 8, 2010

When I hear beautiful music, its always from another time.

Today was super productive, but relaxed. I love those kind of days.

I'm in love with vintage treasures and everything antique. I'm always on the hunt. I have an antique store I go to every Friday, just to look. And even though I see the same things every week, can tell if something was bought or moved, notice any new items, it calms me down to be there. The woman who owns it is so sweet. She's such a mom, she plays old music, and is always in the mood to talk. And she knows my name, notices my new glasses and always give me a discount- Love her.

Anyway. This week I found this amazing old sewing box, I sat on the floor of the store to dissect it a little bit and decided it was a must have in my collection of nonsense.

I brought it with me for my weekend adventures. Half to actually use and half because I knew my friend Melinda would melt over it and love to organize it.

The colors were phenomenal so I decided to play around with it. Then my boy joined me and we were both photographing this little treasure chest and I just loved it. So simple.
Here's a few I liked..

I know I'm nothing special at this, I do it for my own enjoyment. I just find all these beautiful things I figured I should start sharing them. My love for them is out of control, my Nan always says I was born in the wrong decade.

Here's me creppin on boy..

hehehe. he's cute.

Until my next beautiful find. Or other random story.