Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You gotta be kind to yourself.

You know what I secretly love about birthdays?
The fact that even though its really only one day, it ends up lasting for about a month. People who didn't see you wishing you a happy belated. Friends who couldn't make it stop over to give you your gift. And cards that trickle in through the mail.

I love that.

So anyway, I had coffee with dear soul this evening. Joy, thats her name and thats exactly what I felt when I left. It was a very lovely time, so honest and real. I think what I really loved about this time tonight is I felt room for growth. I didn't feel that insta-friend, as though we knew each other for years, O.M.G kind of thing. haha! But I a felt a connection with a beautiful soul I am excited to learn more about, and learn things from. Yay friends.

Well this gifted girl is many things, and one of those things is a crafter, like me! :)
She slides me this brown cardboard-esc box with a lovely green ribbon tied around it, she says its a birthday gift for me and my face immediately lit up.
I carefully untied the ribbon and opened it up, inside was a beautiful antique trinket box and a necklace she had made. Amazing. Well of course, I had to share these things with you.

I know just darling, right?

make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear did you know that people love each other.

Two posts in two days, wow. Probably cause I'm two-twos :)

Anyway. One way I have always shown love is through gift giving, probably because I love to craft. When I feel a connection with someone I love to create something I hope they will love, or just pick up a little something to make them smile. So when people take the time to create something for me or really pick out something they think I'll love it almost brings me to tears because I feel so cared for.

This birthday my friends blew me away with the beautiful things I received.. let me show you a few..

My dear friend Maria got me some bling:)
My lovely Bethany knows my soul.
Mel found me this adorable vintage bracelet
One of my students (Mae) got me these! I collect mini things!
Beautiful bag and favorite coloring book from my Houghton dears.
Mom and Dad aka Sarah and Adam found me this amazing depression glass candy dish.
And my boy, well he knows me..
His mama knit me this hat! Isn't is amazing! So cute!

Seriously, they know me so well. I consider myself pretty lucky:)
That's about all for now, find a way to show someone you care about them this week. It will probably make you happier in the process.
I already have my next project planned out, so check back later this week. (!!!!)

ekkk ekkk,

Sunday, March 28, 2010

off to neverland.

So yesterday was my birthday.

For some reason my birthday always makes me just reflect on life and revisit my growth. This year was no exception to that, but this year I found myself incredibly thankful for those who have done so much growing with me. Whether it be my growth in the last 6 months or 6 years I have wonderful people who have contributed so much to who I am today. Not all of these people I see or talk to on a daily basis. In fact, some of them have grown away from my life completely and are on to new things for themselves. But, nonetheless, I am so very grateful for all of them. I truly feel the pull of "growing up" and into who I am going to be. It is a bittersweet experience, but beautiful in its own way. Mm, life.

Well in the true spirit of resisting growing up, for my twenty second birthday I had a tea party. haha! I collect vintage depression glass and LOVE to find an excuse to get it all out. So with heart shaped sandwiches, tea cups, and cupcakes I celebrated. We all dressed up in true tea party fashion and I, the birthday girl, wore a tutu because I turned two-twos. So silly. Can you tell I teach preschool?

Speaking of, Friday we celebrated my birthday at work with birthday lunch and brownies for my little ones. Anyway, Molly, one of my favorite kids ever remembered what I told her about my party and wore a tutu to school to celebrate with me:) a few of my kids got me gifts and flowers and it was really just the cutest. Molly is seriously me when I was a child.

Heres some pictures of Molly and I at work...

Heres some of my pretty party..

I seriously got so many beautiful gifts. Lovely vintage finds, home made happiness, and just straight up "my friends know me" things. I am going to do a mini shoot with them all tomorrow to share with you so be sure to check back:)

Keep growing,

Monday, March 22, 2010

Records, Tea, and Crafting.

Oh, creativity.

So I've been inspired crazy amounts lately just by everything around me.

I've never considered myself an artist by any means, though I love to paint, create, and dance.

But I have always considered myself a crafter:)
I LOVE to make things out of nothing, beautiful things for people to enjoy. I see something in everything, I'll use anything unwanted or discarded.
Scrap paper, used stamps, ribbon, and now... socks!

I have fallen in love with these new friends of mine. They are little monsters made from socks.
I so very much enjoy making these! My kids at work adore them and my friends (knowing how weird I am) think they are the silliest and want one to hang with:)

Hope you enjoy them, if you end up getting your hands on one the only rule is you have to give him or her an awesome name, haha!

happy crafting.

ps. thanks to boy for photo editing for me.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And it all melts away.

AH! the sun came out.

Today was wonderful, in so many ways.

The playgrounds are still too soggy and the snow on our sledding hill has melted but the sun was out and we just HAD to get the munchkins out... so we chalked.
Sidewalk chalk is one of the simplest best things ever created. I had my kids out there for 45 minutes and the only reason we came in was because we were late for lunch. It was wonderful.

It is unbelievable the difference in emotional well being the sun can bring. I saw nothing but smiles as parents picked up their kids this afternoon. They seemed to have patience and no matter how rough the day might have been, they couldn't wait to get home and be outside with their little ones.
I also felt motivated and excited.
Most things I had to get done this afternoon were inside things, but I just couldnt bare it. I took my guat blanket sat out on my front lawn and did some sewing, essay writing, and reading. This weather makes me feel creative and inspired.

I felt refreshed.

I urge youuuu. GET OUTSIDE. Its such medicine, get yourself out of your slump! Breathe the air, breathe it deep, and know that no matter how long your winter may have been, growing season is near and we need to ready.

so much more coming-

until then,


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Look ma the sun is shining on me.

Like my new banner? My boy made it for me:)

He went through the trouble of getting photoshop for my computer so I could do that sort of thing myself, for me to complain that its to hard, and give up. haha.

I'm just so used to crafting where everything is tangible and physically movable. Leaving everything up to just clicking around is something I just cant handle. Well not yet, hopefully I'll get the courage to try again soon because I just want to make beautiful things. I can see it all in my head I just can't translate it to my screen.

Is anyone else done with winter?

Don't get me wrong, I love bundling, scarves, mittens, sparkling snow, cute boots.

But then comes a point in Rochester winter when I decide I'm just done. So much overcast makes me quite miserable and unproductive. I should be used to it seeing as I've been living in the same town the past.. mm.. twenty-two years but no.

I'm longing for green grass, sundresses, flowers everywhere, driving with my windows down, and bare feet.

I just need sunshine.

I feel as though this need makes me super motivated when the sun IS out, even though there is snow still.

A few weekends ago on a Sunday, the sun was out and there was no way we all could sit inside all day. So, we went out adventuring. I took some photos, just thought I would share.

Get outside!