Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And it all melts away.

AH! the sun came out.

Today was wonderful, in so many ways.

The playgrounds are still too soggy and the snow on our sledding hill has melted but the sun was out and we just HAD to get the munchkins out... so we chalked.
Sidewalk chalk is one of the simplest best things ever created. I had my kids out there for 45 minutes and the only reason we came in was because we were late for lunch. It was wonderful.

It is unbelievable the difference in emotional well being the sun can bring. I saw nothing but smiles as parents picked up their kids this afternoon. They seemed to have patience and no matter how rough the day might have been, they couldn't wait to get home and be outside with their little ones.
I also felt motivated and excited.
Most things I had to get done this afternoon were inside things, but I just couldnt bare it. I took my guat blanket sat out on my front lawn and did some sewing, essay writing, and reading. This weather makes me feel creative and inspired.

I felt refreshed.

I urge youuuu. GET OUTSIDE. Its such medicine, get yourself out of your slump! Breathe the air, breathe it deep, and know that no matter how long your winter may have been, growing season is near and we need to ready.

so much more coming-

until then,


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