Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear did you know that people love each other.

Two posts in two days, wow. Probably cause I'm two-twos :)

Anyway. One way I have always shown love is through gift giving, probably because I love to craft. When I feel a connection with someone I love to create something I hope they will love, or just pick up a little something to make them smile. So when people take the time to create something for me or really pick out something they think I'll love it almost brings me to tears because I feel so cared for.

This birthday my friends blew me away with the beautiful things I received.. let me show you a few..

My dear friend Maria got me some bling:)
My lovely Bethany knows my soul.
Mel found me this adorable vintage bracelet
One of my students (Mae) got me these! I collect mini things!
Beautiful bag and favorite coloring book from my Houghton dears.
Mom and Dad aka Sarah and Adam found me this amazing depression glass candy dish.
And my boy, well he knows me..
His mama knit me this hat! Isn't is amazing! So cute!

Seriously, they know me so well. I consider myself pretty lucky:)
That's about all for now, find a way to show someone you care about them this week. It will probably make you happier in the process.
I already have my next project planned out, so check back later this week. (!!!!)

ekkk ekkk,

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