Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Look ma the sun is shining on me.

Like my new banner? My boy made it for me:)

He went through the trouble of getting photoshop for my computer so I could do that sort of thing myself, for me to complain that its to hard, and give up. haha.

I'm just so used to crafting where everything is tangible and physically movable. Leaving everything up to just clicking around is something I just cant handle. Well not yet, hopefully I'll get the courage to try again soon because I just want to make beautiful things. I can see it all in my head I just can't translate it to my screen.

Is anyone else done with winter?

Don't get me wrong, I love bundling, scarves, mittens, sparkling snow, cute boots.

But then comes a point in Rochester winter when I decide I'm just done. So much overcast makes me quite miserable and unproductive. I should be used to it seeing as I've been living in the same town the past.. mm.. twenty-two years but no.

I'm longing for green grass, sundresses, flowers everywhere, driving with my windows down, and bare feet.

I just need sunshine.

I feel as though this need makes me super motivated when the sun IS out, even though there is snow still.

A few weekends ago on a Sunday, the sun was out and there was no way we all could sit inside all day. So, we went out adventuring. I took some photos, just thought I would share.

Get outside!

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