Sunday, March 28, 2010

off to neverland.

So yesterday was my birthday.

For some reason my birthday always makes me just reflect on life and revisit my growth. This year was no exception to that, but this year I found myself incredibly thankful for those who have done so much growing with me. Whether it be my growth in the last 6 months or 6 years I have wonderful people who have contributed so much to who I am today. Not all of these people I see or talk to on a daily basis. In fact, some of them have grown away from my life completely and are on to new things for themselves. But, nonetheless, I am so very grateful for all of them. I truly feel the pull of "growing up" and into who I am going to be. It is a bittersweet experience, but beautiful in its own way. Mm, life.

Well in the true spirit of resisting growing up, for my twenty second birthday I had a tea party. haha! I collect vintage depression glass and LOVE to find an excuse to get it all out. So with heart shaped sandwiches, tea cups, and cupcakes I celebrated. We all dressed up in true tea party fashion and I, the birthday girl, wore a tutu because I turned two-twos. So silly. Can you tell I teach preschool?

Speaking of, Friday we celebrated my birthday at work with birthday lunch and brownies for my little ones. Anyway, Molly, one of my favorite kids ever remembered what I told her about my party and wore a tutu to school to celebrate with me:) a few of my kids got me gifts and flowers and it was really just the cutest. Molly is seriously me when I was a child.

Heres some pictures of Molly and I at work...

Heres some of my pretty party..

I seriously got so many beautiful gifts. Lovely vintage finds, home made happiness, and just straight up "my friends know me" things. I am going to do a mini shoot with them all tomorrow to share with you so be sure to check back:)

Keep growing,

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