Monday, March 22, 2010

Records, Tea, and Crafting.

Oh, creativity.

So I've been inspired crazy amounts lately just by everything around me.

I've never considered myself an artist by any means, though I love to paint, create, and dance.

But I have always considered myself a crafter:)
I LOVE to make things out of nothing, beautiful things for people to enjoy. I see something in everything, I'll use anything unwanted or discarded.
Scrap paper, used stamps, ribbon, and now... socks!

I have fallen in love with these new friends of mine. They are little monsters made from socks.
I so very much enjoy making these! My kids at work adore them and my friends (knowing how weird I am) think they are the silliest and want one to hang with:)

Hope you enjoy them, if you end up getting your hands on one the only rule is you have to give him or her an awesome name, haha!

happy crafting.

ps. thanks to boy for photo editing for me.

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