Thursday, April 29, 2010

Argghh. Me Treasure.

Treasure Hunting. Again.

Heres the happiness..
Dont even know what to craft with these yet, but they were 10 cents. seriously?!
This little planter stole my heart, she just looks so sweet.

little owl creamer *eekkks*

perfect picnic basket I snagged up, an addition to my collection I've been longing for, $4.
I almost passed out, this pyrex mixing bowl is flawless. no scratches and you can tell its never been sent through the dishwasher, the color is still so vivid.
Mini pyrex bowl, I dont see the mushroom print too often so I had to.

If you saw my sneak peek this morning, please please visit Beth's blog, to see some more of the shoot. I swear this girl is brilliant.

Today the wind and sun were in harmony to create a perfect day, the kids and I laid on the lawn out by the playground until lunch, and it was one of those moments when I thought uh, I love being a teacher.

Until tomorrow,



I had the lovely opportunity of both setting up and being in one of the most beautiful shoots ever yesterday.

My lovely friend Bethany, had an idea and I hope it played out to be everything she hoped.

I brought my camera to sneak some pictures, I'll post a link when the shoot gets posted after Beth works her magic:)


these are my two beautiful friends at workk :)

more tonight,

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Quick find.

I was looking for something in my Nana's basement the other day and this little find made my day.

Its a vintage tupperware caddy, mustard yellow handle and base, I couldn't just leave it.
I brought it upstairs and asked her why she had it and she just simply said ,"I put it away cause I figured you'd need tupperware someday", I smiled. Isn't she just the cutest?

With the lids it has, its perfect for storing any of my little craft goodies. ekek:)

Worked an incredibly long day. But I cant complain, the kids were amazing, and the pups were home waiting for me. I rode my bike and walked the dogs along with me. I went from having a dog someday being a want, to an absolute need. I am in love.

Be sure to be finding the brighter side,

Monday, April 19, 2010

We're not the same, we're different.

X marks the spot.

Last time I was in Jersey, A treasure chest had arrived at Greg's house for me from his Aunt in Nevada (whom I've never met).
First off, I was elated that she A. knew who I was and B. felt as though she knew me enough to send a package for me. Well let me tell you, she so scored.
I couldn't barely contain my "eeks" as I carefully began to scavenge through the box. There was so much in there, so much vintage, so many stories, I will be photographing it for quite some time. But, I did want to share with you a little of what I got.

You don't even know. She also included articles from where some of the things actually came from so I could see time period, purpose, and story. It was amazing. Thank you Aunt Betsy:)

Got alot of crafting done after work today. The house I'm staying at has a sun room, the most perfectly content place to craft. I'm loving it.

The pups are laying by my feet while I sit here and blog. Sigh, so ready for a dog of my own.

Until tomorrow,

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Believe in me, like I believe in you.

So sorry for my lack of posting.

I didn't see my boyfriend for two weeks so we were playing catch up and two new furry friends are taking up my life..
I'm dog sitting for the next week and a half so these are the new loves of my life.
But- since I'm staying at the house I'll have tons of time to craft and blog. I plan on playing some serious catch up.

Since I'm about ready to call it a night heres a quickie,
Last time we went home to see Greg's parents in New Jersey they had given me a few vintage tins filled with craft goodies, one included these little dears.

I'm thinking they would look adorable on top of cupcakes, si?

More treasures to come.
Sweet sleeps,

Thursday, April 15, 2010


ekkk ekk!

You're truly not ready for what I have today.

Remember how I said I just love the late birthday gifts? Well I got another one in the mail, and it blew me away a little bit.

My dear friend Jonathan Capuano is both an amazing artist and designer. I have just had the pleasure of watching him grow and he has inspired me so much along the way. It is possible no one knows my head quite like he does and only he could take a bunch of my nonsense words and turn them into a tattoo/banner/shirt/logo or anything that I will droll over:)

Well not only is he finishing his BA at Full Sail University, but he turned his walk in closet into a dark room where he does all of his screen printing. Fin of many trades I tell you. Anyway he designed a screen just for me! And since I don't wear t-shirts all that much, he found the cutest dress to print it on for me:)

I know you cant even handle it, right?
He knows me well. Please check out his shop, here, and support him!

I have so much coming this weekend!

xoxo- j

ps- all my dress images were taken by Bethany Joy, she's amazing:)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm just sitting on the shelf.

Just a little treasure:)

These printers blocks are from the early 1900s. My antique lady Jill, said her uncle used to actually use them to print the newspaper! Isn't that amazing! They were pretty picked through over the years but I totally fell head over heels for the numbers and sat on the floor digging through the box for the best ones.


I came home from a really blah day to some treats I've been anxiously awaiting in the mail. I CANNOT wait to share them with you!

Until tomorrow,

Monday, April 12, 2010

Yes, I'm glad to see you.

Has anyone ever been a bike rider?

Not just owning a bike, but having a passion for being on it?

I have. I LOVE my bike.
No seriously there's something about bike riding that just grounds me. It makes me feel so connected with myself. Last summer, I woke up at 5am every morning just to have a good 45 minutes alone with my bike before work. The quiet and stillness of the morning just always was such an amazing way to start my day.

I ride a vintage schwinn world tourist, with a basket on the front. It has my heart.

I've been dying for sunny days to come so I could ride, but for some reason even though they came my poor bike just sat there, staring at me.

I accidentally left it out in the rain a few days ago and felt really bad. Today I came home from work and just really wanted to be outside. I had to run to the grocery store and pharmacy to pick a few things up. I decided to take my bike.

Thats all I needed. One good ride. And I fell in love all over again.

Ugh. seriously. just pure joy.
All these images are taken by Bethany Joy. An amazing photographer and friend, you can check out her work here.

Hope your week started as lovely as mine!

xoxo -j