Thursday, April 29, 2010

Argghh. Me Treasure.

Treasure Hunting. Again.

Heres the happiness..
Dont even know what to craft with these yet, but they were 10 cents. seriously?!
This little planter stole my heart, she just looks so sweet.

little owl creamer *eekkks*

perfect picnic basket I snagged up, an addition to my collection I've been longing for, $4.
I almost passed out, this pyrex mixing bowl is flawless. no scratches and you can tell its never been sent through the dishwasher, the color is still so vivid.
Mini pyrex bowl, I dont see the mushroom print too often so I had to.

If you saw my sneak peek this morning, please please visit Beth's blog, to see some more of the shoot. I swear this girl is brilliant.

Today the wind and sun were in harmony to create a perfect day, the kids and I laid on the lawn out by the playground until lunch, and it was one of those moments when I thought uh, I love being a teacher.

Until tomorrow,

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