Thursday, April 15, 2010


ekkk ekk!

You're truly not ready for what I have today.

Remember how I said I just love the late birthday gifts? Well I got another one in the mail, and it blew me away a little bit.

My dear friend Jonathan Capuano is both an amazing artist and designer. I have just had the pleasure of watching him grow and he has inspired me so much along the way. It is possible no one knows my head quite like he does and only he could take a bunch of my nonsense words and turn them into a tattoo/banner/shirt/logo or anything that I will droll over:)

Well not only is he finishing his BA at Full Sail University, but he turned his walk in closet into a dark room where he does all of his screen printing. Fin of many trades I tell you. Anyway he designed a screen just for me! And since I don't wear t-shirts all that much, he found the cutest dress to print it on for me:)

I know you cant even handle it, right?
He knows me well. Please check out his shop, here, and support him!

I have so much coming this weekend!

xoxo- j

ps- all my dress images were taken by Bethany Joy, she's amazing:)

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