Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Button button who's got the button.

I collect buttons.

I have for quite some time, and when I see some I really love, I go a little "ekk" crazy.

A co-worker of mine came to me tell she had a box a vintage buttons that I could have. Score, I'm thinking an entire shoe box full of buttons this is going to be awesome.

Today she walked in with this...


I almost passed out. I'm still in shock and dont even know where to start to organize these. I'm so excited and needless to say, I wont need any buttons for awhile.
Thanks Bonnie!!

In other news, one of my little ones, Miss Tessa Nicole, turned five years old today. I can't believe it, I swear she was two yesterday and now shes leaving me in a few months for kindergarten. She is my other half this year- I swear she could run my class if i wasn't there. Just thankful I have little ones to hug and love on everyday.
Heres my beautiful birthday girl with her cutie cupcakes..

Have a beautiful evening,

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