Monday, May 10, 2010

My friends are getting married.

Since I was in high school I've been making most of my gifts for people. One of the most common things I enjoy giving friends of mine are personalized shadow boxes.

I have made so many different variations of these over the years, its sort of become a "jessallyn" speciality. I have loved growing into my own style and love seeing how different they all turn out based on who I am making them for.

I'm entering the stage of life where the weddings are going to start and not slow down for at least five years.
With that said this weekend I went to my friend Kim's bridal shower. I am so happy for her and her fiance Dave, they are so sweet together and you can truly tell they are best friends.
Ekk ekkk, I love love.

I made Kim a shadow box a long time ago for an apartment she had, it was very fun and young, but I thought she needed something more grown up for her and Dave's new house they bought this past fall.

I'm proud to say, my gift made her cry. haha. It really is always my favorite part, because then I know I really captured the persons essence inside a small wooden frame. And thats an accomplishment to me:)

trying to stay busy this week, I have a fun weekend ahead:)

happy monday,

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