Wednesday, June 30, 2010

busy busy bee

OK! quick recap of my busy busy day.

So I really want to have an amazing etsy, so my days off have been dedicated to it.

So off to the gym at 8 am. Shower. Then thifting.

I mean it was half off day at the thrift store, how lucky could I get? So I picked up some super cute skirts for the shop. Came home and took pictures of many new homey things. Hoping for a shop update on Friday:)

Then off to the post office to mail out some etsy orders.

Then home again. Record on. Hot tea. Crafting begins.

Then had a skype day with my sisters. love still being there for my sisters no matter the miles.
and of course we put music on and all danced it out:)

Then got the cutesttttttttt card in the mail from Lindsey. made my day.

Then Brian and Ria came over, and I made pasta from the market for dinner, and then we had coffee and caught up on "just us" time. good talks as always.

Then Bethy joined us and we chatted watched girly movies and crafted.

Then a goodnight skype with boy.

whew. busy girl. busy day. sweet sweeps tonight.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

This little piggy went to market.

I've been keeping myself SO busy lately. Between the gym, work, crafting, etsy, skype dates, coffee, roadtrips and friends, my summer has been filling up quite nicely.
I'm sorry I haven't made blogging a priority, promise not to give up on me?

Every Saturday for the last few years I've tried to make the public market a must. Not only are the prices outstanding, but I love supporting local farmers for their hard work.
If you dont live in the Rochester area you have no idea how truly spoiled we are. Our public market is HUGE, over 300 booth/stands inside and outside. It is amazing. I love to go super early, its so much more enjoyable you can take your time get a cup of coffee and you dont feel packed like sardines:)

Heres some shots I took this morning...

This is me on my way

mmm. so delicious. I love to come home wash everything, cut it up and package it up so its easy to grab and go for my busy schedule.

Tomorrow my Rachie is coming over to help me with some pictures of my vintage clothes for etsy. yay:)

I'm hoping for a site update either Sunday night or Monday night, I've been collecting more goodies.


Monday, June 14, 2010


Are you ready?

I'm so very excited.

I finally started an Etsy.
Etsy. not sure what that is? Well, its an awesome awesome site where people sell handmade and vintage things.

My dear friend, Jonathan, has been trying to get me to set one up for at LEAST 2-3 years and I wasn't ready to commit to it. Over the last few years my vintage finds and crafting endeavors have completely flooded my room and so I decided it was finally time.

This is just the start, I have so many more vintage things to post, vintage clothes going up, and an apron line made by yours truly. So please please please check back as often as you'd like and enjoy sifting through my life's obsession:)

My life's dream is to own an antique/vintage/craft store called The Little Green Bird. Until I'm ready for that day..
Here she is....

A special and HUGE thanks to some lovelys in my life Jonathan Capuano, Bethany Terry, and my dear Greg Antonow, this whole thing wouldnt have happened without your help. I love you guys so much.

I have had some time off lately to take a summer class, but I get to see my kids tomorrow, and I'm so freaking excited!

Have a lovely evening,

Friday, June 11, 2010

The sun is up, the sky is blue, its beautiful and so are you.

I have a busy busy day ahead of me.

I have some exciting things going on and hopefully, by the end of the weekend you will all be included in my upcoming news! :)

I was rummaging as always and I came across these two lovelies.

They totally made my day. I found them among the cups and glasses but I'm not sure what they are really made for seeing that they are made out of wood, planters possibly? The markings on the bottom show they were made in Denmark.

I just love how the artist made the boys' eyes so tiny and the girls' eyes so bright and wide. I think its just such a cute perception of people.

Last night I went to Indie dance night with some friends. We were disgustingly sweaty, but had so much fun dancing like nonsense:)

Hope your weekend plans are fun filled!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I've gone dreaming.

Hello, Hello.

I have so much to post. I'm going to start having some half days from work so I'm hoping that might help me get my update on :)

Heres some little loves I made awhile ago..

Can you tell who they are supposed to be? hehe

I'd really like to be apart of some rochester craft shows this summer, but I could just be in my dream head.

enjoy the day,