Wednesday, June 30, 2010

busy busy bee

OK! quick recap of my busy busy day.

So I really want to have an amazing etsy, so my days off have been dedicated to it.

So off to the gym at 8 am. Shower. Then thifting.

I mean it was half off day at the thrift store, how lucky could I get? So I picked up some super cute skirts for the shop. Came home and took pictures of many new homey things. Hoping for a shop update on Friday:)

Then off to the post office to mail out some etsy orders.

Then home again. Record on. Hot tea. Crafting begins.

Then had a skype day with my sisters. love still being there for my sisters no matter the miles.
and of course we put music on and all danced it out:)

Then got the cutesttttttttt card in the mail from Lindsey. made my day.

Then Brian and Ria came over, and I made pasta from the market for dinner, and then we had coffee and caught up on "just us" time. good talks as always.

Then Bethy joined us and we chatted watched girly movies and crafted.

Then a goodnight skype with boy.

whew. busy girl. busy day. sweet sweeps tonight.


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