Friday, June 11, 2010

The sun is up, the sky is blue, its beautiful and so are you.

I have a busy busy day ahead of me.

I have some exciting things going on and hopefully, by the end of the weekend you will all be included in my upcoming news! :)

I was rummaging as always and I came across these two lovelies.

They totally made my day. I found them among the cups and glasses but I'm not sure what they are really made for seeing that they are made out of wood, planters possibly? The markings on the bottom show they were made in Denmark.

I just love how the artist made the boys' eyes so tiny and the girls' eyes so bright and wide. I think its just such a cute perception of people.

Last night I went to Indie dance night with some friends. We were disgustingly sweaty, but had so much fun dancing like nonsense:)

Hope your weekend plans are fun filled!

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