Saturday, June 26, 2010

This little piggy went to market.

I've been keeping myself SO busy lately. Between the gym, work, crafting, etsy, skype dates, coffee, roadtrips and friends, my summer has been filling up quite nicely.
I'm sorry I haven't made blogging a priority, promise not to give up on me?

Every Saturday for the last few years I've tried to make the public market a must. Not only are the prices outstanding, but I love supporting local farmers for their hard work.
If you dont live in the Rochester area you have no idea how truly spoiled we are. Our public market is HUGE, over 300 booth/stands inside and outside. It is amazing. I love to go super early, its so much more enjoyable you can take your time get a cup of coffee and you dont feel packed like sardines:)

Heres some shots I took this morning...

This is me on my way

mmm. so delicious. I love to come home wash everything, cut it up and package it up so its easy to grab and go for my busy schedule.

Tomorrow my Rachie is coming over to help me with some pictures of my vintage clothes for etsy. yay:)

I'm hoping for a site update either Sunday night or Monday night, I've been collecting more goodies.


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