Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wait tomorrow is August?

I couldn't bare for the one month mark since my last post to come up. I had to get something done.
HUGE, HUGE things are happening. Like crazy life change stuff. I've been so busy my blog has just taken a backseat.
Quick recap..
-I left my job of four years that I loved more than anything. (tear)
-I am returning to school in the fall to finish my degree
-My heart is still wrestling with the two above decisions
-This fall I got a spot at my first Indie Craft Fair (ekkks!)
-My August is all travels, 2 weeks in New Jersey, home, then to Atlanta to watch my baby brother graduate from Airborne then he's Army bound.


Right now I'm in Jersey visiting my love, and playing catch up on three weeks we weren't together. We're having a blast. And never having had this much time together we're loving having busy days filled with friends and family or lazy movie days where we don't ever leave the house or shower till 5pm. mm:)
I made a *wish list* before I came and hope to get everything done on it.

I'll be back SOON, promise, I have some fun pictures of what we've been up to:)


Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm going to be very honest, when I first saw this I cried. I tucked it away in my "inspiration folder" and came across it this this morning, and cried again.
Salinger is brilliant.
For many reasons but this quote is one of them.
Things have been happening. Things that break my heart and cause me to lose hope. Things in my own life, and the lives of some of my most loved friends. And it wares me out.
If you ask many people one thing about Jess Allyn they would probably tell you, somewhere in the top three things, she loves love.
This is true. But sometimes people hurt people and I lose sight of this.
But its so weird that in reading this quote, nine words, I am completely reminded of truth.
Salinger doesn't say all men, heck he doesn't even say most, or many, he says few.
Few men still love desperately.
I believe this with my whole heart. I believe this to be true. I believe that even in a era of divorce and decay of marriages and relationships. Some men still know what love really means.
And I am so thankful to have found one of those men.
But you say, it wont last, oh it hasn't been that long, he'll leave you, you'll fight, blah blah.
And you can continue to speak death on what we have. And ya know what, you may be right someday, because no one is certain of the future. BUT- it doesn't disregard the fact that he has loved me well, for nine whole months and thats more than many can say.

So to you my dear, for nine months, of growing, learning, teaching, challenging, and loving. I'm so thankful for you.

Love wins, I'll always believe it.
You can't make a cynic out of me.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

paint me a love that we both need

Sometimes I enjoy painting.
Not that I'm good at it, or have had any training in it but I enjoy it. I used to do it a lot more, I think because I now am surrounded by so many talented "artists" it makes me feel like why bother? I'm lucky, I know some people, some of my best friends are a few of the most beautiful painters I've ever been able to come in contact with. I'm really glad I get to be around such amazing people who create amazing things.
BUT- just because I'm not really good at something, does that mean I shouldn't do it? If it brings me great joy, and moves me, helps me out of the dark place, and connect with God, shouldn't I feel free? I think the answer is yes. I have had a deep desire to paint for the last few months but have been pushing it aside. Its been over a year, because I just keep telling myself I should leave it up to those I know with "talent" and just stick to my crafts.
I guess I'm just writing because I'm done stressing about it. I can support and enjoy all the beautiful painters I know AND I can paint. Even if I dont have talent, and its just relaxing, and its just for God. I can paint.
I think I will buy a canvas tomorrow.

These are from last year-ish.. all via picture message sorry.

I painted this after hearing a pastor say, "If you plug into God, you will always bear fruit"

I painted this after a sermon called Hide and Seek.

And this was just for fun, my friend Kim wanted something for her new house.

sorry that was sort of a vent. haha

Friday, July 2, 2010

when life hands you lemons

So do you ever get ideas or inspiration at really random moments?

I do. A lot of the time its either right before I fall asleep or I will wake up out of a dead sleep and have to write it down so I remember in the morning.
Rarely to never are these ideas anything for me, they are usually for people on my mind something I can make for them. I love people and I love to create things to make them smile and help remind them they are loved.

This happened last night for my new found friend Lindsey. Lindsey and I are kindred souls. We love and appreciate a lot of the same beautiful things, and get giddy over simple things like buttons and honey. Lindsey is one of my Jersey loves. She loves to cook and bake, she loves mike and she loves lemons.

As I was almost asleep for some random reason I thought, tomorrow I'm going to do a photo shoot with lemons for Lindsey. Why you may ask? I have no idea, but you better believe when my creative brain talks, I listen.

So here are some lemon pictures. For Lindsey. For creativity. For fun.

mmm. lemons.
She also just started a blog which I'm loving. probably because we are so similar haha so I enjoy what she has to say. Also cause her writings are simple and sweet with many visuals. My fav kind of blog. So I also made this..

thats her blog:)

hehe. love you Linds.