Sunday, July 4, 2010

paint me a love that we both need

Sometimes I enjoy painting.
Not that I'm good at it, or have had any training in it but I enjoy it. I used to do it a lot more, I think because I now am surrounded by so many talented "artists" it makes me feel like why bother? I'm lucky, I know some people, some of my best friends are a few of the most beautiful painters I've ever been able to come in contact with. I'm really glad I get to be around such amazing people who create amazing things.
BUT- just because I'm not really good at something, does that mean I shouldn't do it? If it brings me great joy, and moves me, helps me out of the dark place, and connect with God, shouldn't I feel free? I think the answer is yes. I have had a deep desire to paint for the last few months but have been pushing it aside. Its been over a year, because I just keep telling myself I should leave it up to those I know with "talent" and just stick to my crafts.
I guess I'm just writing because I'm done stressing about it. I can support and enjoy all the beautiful painters I know AND I can paint. Even if I dont have talent, and its just relaxing, and its just for God. I can paint.
I think I will buy a canvas tomorrow.

These are from last year-ish.. all via picture message sorry.

I painted this after hearing a pastor say, "If you plug into God, you will always bear fruit"

I painted this after a sermon called Hide and Seek.

And this was just for fun, my friend Kim wanted something for her new house.

sorry that was sort of a vent. haha


  1. i love how honest your words are. your paintings are beautiful. i would kill, and i really will, for a painting in my new apartment painted by you. you are GOOD at all that you do, especially by being kind to every person that is so lucky to of been graced by your presence. yellow button loves green bird <3

  2. Looks to me like you're a pretty talented painter, Jess!