Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wait tomorrow is August?

I couldn't bare for the one month mark since my last post to come up. I had to get something done.
HUGE, HUGE things are happening. Like crazy life change stuff. I've been so busy my blog has just taken a backseat.
Quick recap..
-I left my job of four years that I loved more than anything. (tear)
-I am returning to school in the fall to finish my degree
-My heart is still wrestling with the two above decisions
-This fall I got a spot at my first Indie Craft Fair (ekkks!)
-My August is all travels, 2 weeks in New Jersey, home, then to Atlanta to watch my baby brother graduate from Airborne then he's Army bound.


Right now I'm in Jersey visiting my love, and playing catch up on three weeks we weren't together. We're having a blast. And never having had this much time together we're loving having busy days filled with friends and family or lazy movie days where we don't ever leave the house or shower till 5pm. mm:)
I made a *wish list* before I came and hope to get everything done on it.

I'll be back SOON, promise, I have some fun pictures of what we've been up to:)


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  1. i love love love the pictures. You look so beautiful and happy. I miss you more than i can express!