Friday, July 2, 2010

when life hands you lemons

So do you ever get ideas or inspiration at really random moments?

I do. A lot of the time its either right before I fall asleep or I will wake up out of a dead sleep and have to write it down so I remember in the morning.
Rarely to never are these ideas anything for me, they are usually for people on my mind something I can make for them. I love people and I love to create things to make them smile and help remind them they are loved.

This happened last night for my new found friend Lindsey. Lindsey and I are kindred souls. We love and appreciate a lot of the same beautiful things, and get giddy over simple things like buttons and honey. Lindsey is one of my Jersey loves. She loves to cook and bake, she loves mike and she loves lemons.

As I was almost asleep for some random reason I thought, tomorrow I'm going to do a photo shoot with lemons for Lindsey. Why you may ask? I have no idea, but you better believe when my creative brain talks, I listen.

So here are some lemon pictures. For Lindsey. For creativity. For fun.

mmm. lemons.
She also just started a blog which I'm loving. probably because we are so similar haha so I enjoy what she has to say. Also cause her writings are simple and sweet with many visuals. My fav kind of blog. So I also made this..

thats her blog:)

hehe. love you Linds.


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  1. JESS. girl. slow down. this is too much for me to handle all at once. really? a post all for me? and lemons! and yellow! and pyrex! and you love me? this couldn't get any better. how will i ever repay you! just kidding, i know exactlyyyyy how! <3