Monday, August 30, 2010

Staying classy.

In my resistance to ever grow up, one thing I still love to do is play dress up. In this fairy tale head of mine, I still love the thought of becoming a completely different person and going to a completely different time. That's why there was no way I would ever pass up the chance to go to a 1920s-1930s theme party.
We had cheese and wine, and watched a silent film. We listened to excellent music danced about, and took silly pictures. We was a really magic sort of evening.

It was lovely, after Pete and I hopped in my car and headed to the house show. The rest of the night was filled with music, african dancing, scootering, tea, and good chats. oh summer.

First day of classes went well. I feel really old, but I know I'm doing the right thing by going back. I just want to keep growing.


catch up.

Life is in motion.
I feel like I'm not catching my breath. But its good, because I've been going through a lot lately and the busyness helps me to not dwell too much. I need some serious blog catch up, so be ready I plan on posting about 5 times in 2 days. (fingers crossed)
Last week I had the amazing opportunity for a nanny playdate, ekks. Joy and I were nannying in neighboring towns so we decided to both pack lunches and take the kids on an adventure together. It was fantastic! Joy brought her four little critters and I brought my two high energy tots. Playground and picnic, then some Hullabaloo on the tennis court. If you've never played Hullabaloo your seriously missing out. AMAZING game helping kids with, categorizing, sharing, colors, shapes, and they get exercise while playing. yes! best part of the game will call out "do a funky dance" and you can only imagine the looks the eight of us got as we went all out with ours moves, hilarious.

Joy brought delish eggplant parm to share with me!
nannies dont wear makeup. haha
Our amazing kids!!

They make us want to pull our hair out sometimes but we do really love them so so much!
I hope this happens so much this fall, it was really amazing to watch all the kids get along even though they had never met. Kids can teach you so much, they are so non judgmental, they just accept everyone without any reservation. They love so purely! Ah, its so refreshing!

Ok, so I actually have to go to CLASS now. I can't even believe it.

happy monday,

Friday, August 27, 2010

You're my cuppy cake, gumdrop.

I've been doing nothing but crafting.
Seriously, my room looks like an explosion. But I feel so inspired and I am sort of hermiting lately so it's just a nice safe place to be.
Anyway when I was in jersey, My sweet sweet friend Lindsey is a little baketress. (baketress is what my friends, jokingly, call female bakers) She is adorable so bubbly and fun, we have similar stories and I love to spend time with her.
So we had a cupcake day, I brought some vintage treasures over and I did a mini photoshoot so she could put some of these up in her kitchen. Very Fun!
Like I had previously stated on this blog I HATE editing. I'm struggling switching to this digital era. So I had started editing these then gave up haha. Hopefully, I can take some basics class now that I'm going back to college. So here they are, some edited, some not.

Don't they look delish? You should have seen her in action making those perfect little roses. Miss you Linds.

I had a pretty wonderful date the other day, hopefully I'll be able to post it later today.

Hope your enjoying this cooler weather and getting sweaters out like me:)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Be still my heart, This could be a brand new start.

Whew, whirlwind.
I got off the plane yesterday got home, put my bags in my room and I was out the door again.
In my car I felt such serenity. I just loved driving myself again and having my music blasting as drove into the city.
Of course right to Joys I went. I love her room, its so peaceful, just like her parents house. Its like she literally cut out a portion of their home and made a life for herself in it. I just get the same feeling when I'm in either place.
Out to tea, venting of my very full brain, joined by Pete, then off to the Bug Jar.
A few very wonderful bands were playing including my friend Bri's band which I love.
It was a very happy night, with a lot of very happy faces that I missed quite terribly. And the hugs and love and smiles and chats were all medicine to my deeply yearning soul. I was home, with my family and couldn't be more thankful.

Anyway, do you have a list of those simple things that can make your heart happy no matter your mood? Like really soft grass on bare feet, or home made apple pie?
Well somewhere in my top 10 is snail mail/care packages. So I was more than thrilled to see this on my doorstep from Greg's mama.
Of course it was filled with treasures..
she made me these little slippers, I mean reallly?! so cute.
mini buttons! some of these are smaller than my pinky nail. ekks!
and A TON of vintage zippers!
Thanks mama. love you.

So the cool air is blowing in my room. Apple cinnamon tea with honey is made, music is on and a long night of sewing is ahead of me.

OH! ps. my littles totally had to have matching glasses with miss jessie. Adorable.


Friday, August 20, 2010

Surround me with Your unfailing love.

It's been a few days. I'm really trying to stay on top of this.
So right now I'm in Atlanta, sitting on a king size bed that that is long than me, width wise.
I am here for my brother graduation into the military but I thought that deserves its own post so quick update for now.
The morning before I got to have breakfast with Coach Jen and her two little tikes. She is still one of the most amazing people I ever met. So much of who I am came from the things I learned from her. About team work, support, love, acceptance, and family. I she's one of those people that has been in my life so long, she knows everything. She knows where I come from and who I've grown into, I love that. I'm so thankful for her and the fact that we've kept in touch through so many years and life changes. Its truly beautiful. Here's her little Nicholas as I was buckling him in his car seat.

After that I went yard sailing for a bit, back to the house to pack, then out to tea with Rach Farley. This tea date was so needed. We had so much catching up to do and so much creative process planning to start. We're doing our first collaborated project in a few weeks and I'm so super excited!! Rach is another person I hold so dear to my heart. She is my sister. She is a beautiful, beautiful spirit with so much to offer. I love when she gives me glimpses into her brain because its quite magical in there.
She is so artistic and I feel lucky that I've had the chance to watch her grow into the truly talented artist she is today. I love her. Sometimes she lets me take part in her projects. She painted me a few times this past year, but one series was shown at Art Awake and then into a gallery until August. We also done some photo stuff together which I always adore doing:)

I know I am surrounded by truly amazing, wonderful, talented, and loving people, right?

So I'll be here until the start of next week, I'll try to do another post but were having some serious fam time and catching up with my brother. Its amazing to see him. I cant wait to show you how cute he is:)

ps were going to an aquarium tomorrow, I may not sleep from excitement. I'm five, I'm aware.
xo jbird

Monday, August 16, 2010

When I'm gone, I've never gone too far

Tonight was really lovely.
Such a good family date. My brother and cousin recently went to mexico on a missions trip. So some sisters, me, and the boys all got together to share photos, stories, and just be together. For some reason we all had the sillys, and Javas was playing the most random, awesome Pandora station, that much of the evening turned into a giant sing along and dance party. I believe it was Joy who stated, "yes tonight we are that table" But none of us cared:)
I brought my camera but with this crew I rarely end up with it, and am always excited when I get home to see what I have acquired for many peoples different views.
These happy capturings are a compiling of Ky, Joy, and myself.
kinky reggae
aw, ri is so cute.
bringing my crafts everywhere.
yup, my family
seany lookin like a little kid:)
I like this even though its blurry.
we have similar souls<3
ky your such a pain.
sisters, duh.
looking like the baby brother he is:)
baby brother, love him.

Just a happy night. I am so thankful for these people. I'm am lucky to have people who can make time for one another and love and build each other up. I am thankful that even if this cant happen everyday or even every week, the love does not fade. We are strong, because we are One Body and we are not made to do this life alone.

so sleeeepy,