Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Be still my heart, This could be a brand new start.

Whew, whirlwind.
I got off the plane yesterday got home, put my bags in my room and I was out the door again.
In my car I felt such serenity. I just loved driving myself again and having my music blasting as drove into the city.
Of course right to Joys I went. I love her room, its so peaceful, just like her parents house. Its like she literally cut out a portion of their home and made a life for herself in it. I just get the same feeling when I'm in either place.
Out to tea, venting of my very full brain, joined by Pete, then off to the Bug Jar.
A few very wonderful bands were playing including my friend Bri's band which I love.
It was a very happy night, with a lot of very happy faces that I missed quite terribly. And the hugs and love and smiles and chats were all medicine to my deeply yearning soul. I was home, with my family and couldn't be more thankful.

Anyway, do you have a list of those simple things that can make your heart happy no matter your mood? Like really soft grass on bare feet, or home made apple pie?
Well somewhere in my top 10 is snail mail/care packages. So I was more than thrilled to see this on my doorstep from Greg's mama.
Of course it was filled with treasures..
she made me these little slippers, I mean reallly?! so cute.
mini buttons! some of these are smaller than my pinky nail. ekks!
and A TON of vintage zippers!
Thanks mama. love you.

So the cool air is blowing in my room. Apple cinnamon tea with honey is made, music is on and a long night of sewing is ahead of me.

OH! ps. my littles totally had to have matching glasses with miss jessie. Adorable.


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