Monday, August 30, 2010

catch up.

Life is in motion.
I feel like I'm not catching my breath. But its good, because I've been going through a lot lately and the busyness helps me to not dwell too much. I need some serious blog catch up, so be ready I plan on posting about 5 times in 2 days. (fingers crossed)
Last week I had the amazing opportunity for a nanny playdate, ekks. Joy and I were nannying in neighboring towns so we decided to both pack lunches and take the kids on an adventure together. It was fantastic! Joy brought her four little critters and I brought my two high energy tots. Playground and picnic, then some Hullabaloo on the tennis court. If you've never played Hullabaloo your seriously missing out. AMAZING game helping kids with, categorizing, sharing, colors, shapes, and they get exercise while playing. yes! best part of the game will call out "do a funky dance" and you can only imagine the looks the eight of us got as we went all out with ours moves, hilarious.

Joy brought delish eggplant parm to share with me!
nannies dont wear makeup. haha
Our amazing kids!!

They make us want to pull our hair out sometimes but we do really love them so so much!
I hope this happens so much this fall, it was really amazing to watch all the kids get along even though they had never met. Kids can teach you so much, they are so non judgmental, they just accept everyone without any reservation. They love so purely! Ah, its so refreshing!

Ok, so I actually have to go to CLASS now. I can't even believe it.

happy monday,

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