Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Home is wherever you find joy.

Its 2:30 in the afternoon and I am still in my gym shorts.
I am recovering from two weeks of life in another place, and a five hour drive home.
I got home yesterday evening, you think I could just sit still but no, an hour home then off to have tea and catch up with my beautiful friend Joy.
I cant even explain to you how needed this tea date was. I am pumped up on inspiration, passion and hope. I am excited for the fall, I am excited to keep growing.
I have about a million things to post from my trip away. But a definite, definite, highlight was the wedding of our dear friends Mike and Lindsey Finelli.
It was perfect.
And I say that with such seriousness, from the bottom of my heart.
Simple. Country. 83˚ with a breeze.
I'm not sure If I have been to a wedding in a long time that so amazingly reflected the two getting married. They were comfortable and happy.
I could explain every detail it was just so cute. I have some pictures to share:)
Everything was outdoorsy. The gifts were simply placed on bales of hay. Mason jars filled with sticks and lemons lined the center of the table.
Drinks were self serve pink and yellow lemonade..with straws!
Guest book.. Mike painted a picture of a tree on canvas and each person left their fingerprint and signed their name. so cute.
Boyfriend and I left these..
Wedding cake was so not them.. they had blueberry cobbler instead.
Because its quite messy, Linds had called Monday and asked if I would sew them cute bibs to wear. I said, OF COURSE hehe.

I wore a 70s vintage floral gown. That I had bought a few months ago and have been saving for the wedding!
And of course friends:)
My loves Linds and Presley.
Silly kids drinking out of mason jars, oh yeah.
Pen pals<3
and my loveeee.

Isn't she the cutest bride. I swear from the minute the doors opened and she walked down the aisle to the second we said goodbye after the sun had set she did not stop smiling.
ps. her dress totally had pockets!! :)

My poor little car is filled to the top with vintage treasures and sewing materials still to be unpacked. I know I haven't posted any of my craftings in awhile but I'll be back tomorrow with the wedding gift I made. ALSO, I will be crafting crazy in the next few weeks preparing for my first indie craft fair, so I will be posting updates on what I'm working on.

phew, thats all for now.

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