Friday, August 13, 2010

Miss Jessie can you cut off my crusts?

Today was one of the best days ever.
Every summer-fall season I nanny two of my favorite littles ever. They are amazing. This family stole my heart about four years ago when Emily (now 8) was in my preschool class. Lucky enough for me 2 years later I would have her brother Nathan (4) in my class two years in a row. I have been there for every birthday, art show, soccer game, museum date, and all the in between since.

I couldn't even handle the weather outside. Warm sunny blue skies, slight breeze, literally a crime to be inside today. So I got to the house, fed the kids breakfast, brushed hair, brushed teeth, packed the picnic basket, loaded blue bug, and off we went.

First stop was the bookstore.
Emmie seriously has the biggest heart ever. She brought a twenty dollar bill to by herself a new chapter book. And couldn't bare to be getting something new without Naynay. She got him a new book in the series he loves. He also picked out a giant marble, and Emmie says "oh why dont you just get this bag of marbles it has a big one and little ones" I quietly informed her it those marbles were about double the cost. She says oh its fine, and asks me if I want to get anything and checks out with their goodies. I swear my kids teach me things everyday.
Dropped off the books at the car and grabbed the bread.
We crossed over the canal, and went to feed the ducks.
me and bear!
my babbiesss
Back to the car, off to the park for playing and picnic.

my job requires playing on slides. its okay to be jealous.
miss jessies vintage picnic basket of yummies.
Danny was about to catch a plane, so the kids and I stopped at his house to give goodbye hugs and loves.
Then we decided it was just getting too hot, so we went back to the house to swim.
Whew! needless to say I am so sleepy and cant wait to share all our adventures with you all throughout the fall season, we so much love our time together.
Hope your enjoying your summer!

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