Monday, August 16, 2010

The sunrise is just over that hill, The worst is over..

I've been sick. Being sick (in the summer especially) is not my favorite.
My last few days have been filled with...

1. trying to start all my craftings

2. tea, lots of tea

3. sitting on the porch with brian and chatting, feeling the breeze, guitar playing, and knits

4. this pretty, good chats, and good God-loving places and people she lets me enjoy with her

5. picking up dearly missed friends from the airport

6. and hating photoshop because I cant use it well yet and editing 5 photos takes roughly 5 million hours, ha!

I'll have a better update tonight I hope. Today was warm but the wind felt so cool, I can feel fall on the brink. Iron and Wine accompanied me all day in my travels. It was lovely. Tonight I'm going on family coffee date with some of my favorites to catch up.

happy monday,
xogreen bird.

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