Monday, August 16, 2010

When I'm gone, I've never gone too far

Tonight was really lovely.
Such a good family date. My brother and cousin recently went to mexico on a missions trip. So some sisters, me, and the boys all got together to share photos, stories, and just be together. For some reason we all had the sillys, and Javas was playing the most random, awesome Pandora station, that much of the evening turned into a giant sing along and dance party. I believe it was Joy who stated, "yes tonight we are that table" But none of us cared:)
I brought my camera but with this crew I rarely end up with it, and am always excited when I get home to see what I have acquired for many peoples different views.
These happy capturings are a compiling of Ky, Joy, and myself.
kinky reggae
aw, ri is so cute.
bringing my crafts everywhere.
yup, my family
seany lookin like a little kid:)
I like this even though its blurry.
we have similar souls<3
ky your such a pain.
sisters, duh.
looking like the baby brother he is:)
baby brother, love him.

Just a happy night. I am so thankful for these people. I'm am lucky to have people who can make time for one another and love and build each other up. I am thankful that even if this cant happen everyday or even every week, the love does not fade. We are strong, because we are One Body and we are not made to do this life alone.

so sleeeepy,

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