Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yes, crafting has a process.

So my best friend is in town visiting from Portland, OR.
It is making me very, very happy. We spent the all of last night together catching up, seeing friends, and driving endlessly exchanging bands and dancing it out in my blue bug. Just like the old days.
(some oldies of us in portland)

I told you I would share the wedding gift I created for Mike and Linds. It was quite the creative process because I wasn't in my craft space, with all my goodies, and my close by craft stores to run to if I was in desperate need. I packed everything into my travel craft bag I *thought* I may need two weeks prior to actually making it and hoped everything I needed would be in there.

Everything I had planned changed once I was there. First it was visiting their apartment, the homey, natural feel of alot of the elements in Mike and Lindsey's place. Idea one had come.. wood. A few evenings later Greg and I were driving and for some reason I thought while the sun was setting this chicken wire fence was just so beautiful, and out loud shouted "That's it!"
I took an unfinished wooden crate like this..
Painted it, Sanded it for an aged look, and then painted it again for texture and character.
While that was drying I went outside and collect all my nature, picking flowers and running though fields like a little girl.
And off to work.
I LOVED the outcome.
(click photo to enlarge)
I'll ask Lindsey to take better pictures and close-ups when shes back from the honeymoon (<3)
I just snapped this one quick at the wedding.

Hmm, I need some tea with honey.
enjoy your night.

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