Wednesday, September 29, 2010

sleepy bird.

Yay, Wednesday!
Halfway through this week, thank goodness.
I have been doing 12 hour days again, 6:30am nannying, school, 3-6:30pm nannying.
I'm so drained I feel like I haven't even caught up from sleep from this weekend. So last night I wanted to just come home and do something mindless to relax.
So I made this hat:)

I've been wanting a little scandinavian inspired hat. I think I've fallen in love with the culture from hearing about it all the time from boyfriend and company. I love my Finnish family:)
I'm working on another one right now with different weight yard so I can compare effects of the outcome. I'll let you know:)
How are you feeling this week? Anyone have adventures planned for the weekend?
more soon, xo,

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh dear soul.

I know I had my shout our yesterday to all my friends who helped with hearts and crafts but I really needed to make an extra special thank you to my dear friend, Joy.
I literally do not know what I would have done without her over the last few weeks. (most likely, I would have lost my mind) She was totally standing next to me through everything and even pretty much dragged me along at some points.
When I tried to drop out of the show because of stress and too full a plate. She gave me hard love.
When I needed company to sit and distract me, we had dinner and tea.
When I was freaking the night before, she hot glued about a million things for me (and has a battle wound to prove it!)
When had sat in the same spot all day long, she took me out in the grass under the full moon and did yoga with me.
When my nerves kicked in the morning of, she showed up with breakfast for all, and coffee, and hugs.
Joy, I just stinking love you.

I had no idea how to repay her so of course, I crafted.First I made her a doll, one that looks just like her:) I was realllllllly happy with the way it turned out, I almost couldn't give her up.
Then while I was at school, I wanted to be inspired, so I started writing out a list of all the reasons I love Joy.. and then it just came to me...
Here are some sneaks..
Gesh! My friends are so inspiring.
I hope you are feeling blessed and inspired today too:)


Monday, September 27, 2010

Little green bird hits the street.

So, after months of stress, worry, sewing, and obsessing over detail, it finally happened.
This weekend was Hearts and Crafts and let me just tell you...
It was such a beautiful opportunity and experience. With some of the most talented people in the 585 making lovely handmades for people to enjoy.
I'm not gonna lie, my table looked rocking. Big thank you to Joy, staying up till 2 AM the night before making finishing touches on stuff and setting up a "mock" table in my living room. She knew I would be way too stressed and nervous in the morning to even think straight.
She was right. Freaking out from the moment my feet hit the pavement outside my car, its intimidating to see everyone else's beautiful stuff and great table layouts. But you just have to be confidant people will appreciate what you have done.

And they did. Whether they bought stuff from me or not, I dont think one person came to my table without smiling or saying something really sweet. It was so uplifting. Just to have interest or to get paid for something you have loved doing ever since you were a child. It was just such a wonderful feeling.
Some personal highlights..
I brought this awesome mirror that I found at a flea market and I loved seeing people put on some of my stuff and fall in love. Some girl asked me if it will be weird to see people walking around Rochester with my stuff on, I said it will be such a compliment.
I didn't want it all to be about making money, I wanted it to be about fun. So I made little mustaches on sticks to give away for free. It was WONDERFUL. People loved them and so many people came by just to get them, so many laughs. It was awesome to look up and down the street and even in Javas, with so many people playing with them and enjoying. So fun.
I had this old phone phone on my table we kept pretending to answer and talk on, and one of my customers walked by and did it too, so funny.
When I sold one of my little girl dolls, the man said "she's going to texas and will be greatly loved", some people just get it.
But one of my very favorite parts was all my friends who came down to support. (Seriously guys, I love you.) And just hearing them say how proud they were of me made my heart so happy. Jonny even brought me some "rock soup" which was perfect for the chilly day:)
It was the perfect first craft show experience. Everyone was so warm and happy. So many warm drinks, laughter, and crafts all day long. I sold SO much stuff, and just had a really magical time.
Big thank you to Lisa Barker for all her hard work to make such a neat thing happen in Rochester.
Thanks again to Joy for snapping a few pictures for me. Wish I would have taken more with everyone but my head was totally not there. haha
Ill try and post some close ups of some of my goodies later. Thanks for following on this adventure with me, totally cant wait until the next one.
Any of my extras I think I'll try to put up on etsy this week. I had amazing business cards Jonny had made me so I know people will be checking in on that:)
Really grateful to everyone who helped with anything, set up, cut stuff out, my sanity, making me actually leave my house for a break, bringing me coffee, business cards, or just for support, love you guys dearly.

all for now,
green bird.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Another Secret.

I took these pictures in May, but I forgot to make the post, golly.
Did I ever tell you I collect minis?
Ya, minis.
Minis are what I call teenie tiny treasures.
I have been collecting them since I was a little girl. The tinier the better. I used to carry them in small trinket boxes, or sometimes just a few in my pocket (which I still generally do).
And I don't know what it is but whenever I find something very very small, I can barely withhold my *ekkkks*
The thing is my friends and students have learned I collect these things, so my collection expanded greatly over the years.
I just love them and always wanted to display them, so for my birthday a few years ago my good friends Adam and Sarah built me the beautiful case you see pictured. I know amazing, right?
Well, anyway back in stinkin' May, Jonathan came home for a visit. He said he just couldn't resist getting me this mini..
I KNOW. I almost passed out from cuteness!
It is a vintage mini Hit camera, and you'll never believe it actually used to take film at one time!!!!
This little darling instantly won my heart and climbed to one of my top five favorite minis.

So there you have it, just another reason I am incredibly weird:)
Xoxo- j

Friday, September 17, 2010

Let's go.

So I was digging through my inspiration folder this morning and found this.

It rings so true to what I'm currently dealing with. I'm in one of those life places where you feel like you've run 10 miles just to look up and see you've actually taken two steps back.
Let's be honest, it sucks.
Feeling like your not keeping up, not on track, or working within "the plan" you had set for yourself. I am there, looking around saying "how?" or "why?" or the ever so popular "this isn't what I had planned!"
But, I decided today I'm sick of questioning. I'm sick of sitting in my dream head wondering where I should be. I'm throwing it all away. I'm throwing out the map, the plan, anything I had that gave me some sense of where I am going. I'm just going to call this one an adventure.
"We are nowhere, and it's now"
There is a hundred different ways to get where we are going. Just take a deep breath, close your eyes and start moving.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

These friends of mine.

I have really talented friends.
No seriously, whenever I am in need of almost anything, I probably know someone who specializes in it. Wether its book smart, helping me recall dates and facts- giving me historical insight to situations. Music gifts, friends who make me smile when I see them sing because I know how much they love it or play me an instrument just so I can dance- or to make me laugh- or put me to sleep. Artistic friends, those who are brilliant painters, photographers, designers, and screen printers. Tech-e friends that I can call when my computer crashes or I can't recover a document. Teacher friends, those I can bounce curriculum and lesson plans off of, those who get as giddy as I do in the children's section of a bookstore. I have a wide range, and I love it. I love being connected to a group if people so diverse in their strengths. It makes us such an interesting bunch:)

Well anyway, I'm a super proud friend. I notice when I meet new people and talk about my loved ones, I am so energized to share who they are (as people) and all their accomplishments. So I decided to just start embarrassing them all on this blog.

Introducing my very first blog segment: Friend of the week:)
I'm sure this wont be an every week thing. I just want to credit these people for how amazing they are. They are all making the world more beautiful in their own ways, and have all had impact on my life.
So should we just get started?

Friend of the week: Danny Ebersole
Danny is a newer friend of mine, he is just darling. He is dating one of my best friends, Brandi. (<3)>
I have noticed over the last year he is really growing in his ability as a photographer, and more specifically using film. Some of his photos cause me to take a deep breath because they are just so beautiful. Some of them make my eyes well up (I am a sappy girl) so much that I have to instantly print them out and hang them on the inspiration wall.
Just a few of my favorites.
You can see more here! Love you friend.

Quite enough for now I think. I still am reallllly going to post some of my as of late projects tonight!

I'm surrounded with wonderful people,

Monday, September 13, 2010

All things grow, all things grow.

Oh man.
I mean I knew autumn was on its way in. The smells, the one leaf that just couldn't wait to turn yellow, the cooler weather, pumpkin spice lattes at Starbucks, sweaters, listening to the old Sufjan. I mean the list goes on and on.
But today I got home only to find one of my cementing facts in knowing that fall has arrived..
That's right, Double Stuff Oreo's with orange filling.
These are one of my childhoods fondest memories and the last sure sign of the changing season.
Drinking coffee and what else but crafting. I'm really hoping by tomorrow I'll have a "what I've been up to" post for you. (fingers crossed)
Hope everyone is ready to embrace the new season! yippie!

xo, jess

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wham bam thank you fam.

You know those night when you just feel blessed?
I had one of those recently.
My baby brother has been home on leave the last few weeks from the US Army. He has been all over the place trying to catch up and see everyone that I felt like we didn't have any really good "fam time". So saturday when we we having super basement clean out day, I said "thats it!" and we planned that Monday we would have a huge dinner for our "family". I say it like that because some blood relation people share isn't the only factor here. I'm talking down right love/hate, be there through anything, make you laugh, make you cry, sleep next to, fight with, play with your hair, unconditional people that make up your "family". And I'm really lucky to have mine.

My brothers and sisters.
Not only did we eat a literal feast of amazing food, we had ridiculous amounts of laughs. I just was so at peace and relaxed. I think everyone was, it was one of those much needed kind of nights.

Love makes you remember you are wanted.
from my happy heart,

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Keeping up.

I've been locking myself up at home because of all the work I have to get done. So occasionally I actually miss human contact and I escape to see some of my loves. Here's a peak at all the fun dates I have been going on.

1. Yogen Fruz with Lizzy. UH-mazing we're pretty much addicted.

2. Annual coffee date my Steven and Sarah. Oh I missed him so.

3. I baked my first ever apple pie from scratch. I know its pretty rough but I worked so hard and it actually turned out delish!

4. My sweet little Tessa, had been in my class for three years. So her family invited me over for a pre- first day of kindergarten breakfast. And of course Tess wanted us to have matching nails for her first day of school.

5. My little cousin Becca came to spend the weekend at my house. Fun nonsense, shopping dates, couch potatoes.

6. More apple pie and apple crisp with the girls. Walks to get coffee in the nice cool weather. And laughing about absolutely nothing.

I've been loving cozying up in sweaters, with warm drinks and pie. We had a really lovely labor day but it really deserves its own post.
I have painting to get done. No homework tonight:)
love, j