Thursday, September 9, 2010

Wham bam thank you fam.

You know those night when you just feel blessed?
I had one of those recently.
My baby brother has been home on leave the last few weeks from the US Army. He has been all over the place trying to catch up and see everyone that I felt like we didn't have any really good "fam time". So saturday when we we having super basement clean out day, I said "thats it!" and we planned that Monday we would have a huge dinner for our "family". I say it like that because some blood relation people share isn't the only factor here. I'm talking down right love/hate, be there through anything, make you laugh, make you cry, sleep next to, fight with, play with your hair, unconditional people that make up your "family". And I'm really lucky to have mine.

My brothers and sisters.
Not only did we eat a literal feast of amazing food, we had ridiculous amounts of laughs. I just was so at peace and relaxed. I think everyone was, it was one of those much needed kind of nights.

Love makes you remember you are wanted.
from my happy heart,

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