Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh dear soul.

I know I had my shout our yesterday to all my friends who helped with hearts and crafts but I really needed to make an extra special thank you to my dear friend, Joy.
I literally do not know what I would have done without her over the last few weeks. (most likely, I would have lost my mind) She was totally standing next to me through everything and even pretty much dragged me along at some points.
When I tried to drop out of the show because of stress and too full a plate. She gave me hard love.
When I needed company to sit and distract me, we had dinner and tea.
When I was freaking the night before, she hot glued about a million things for me (and has a battle wound to prove it!)
When had sat in the same spot all day long, she took me out in the grass under the full moon and did yoga with me.
When my nerves kicked in the morning of, she showed up with breakfast for all, and coffee, and hugs.
Joy, I just stinking love you.

I had no idea how to repay her so of course, I crafted.First I made her a doll, one that looks just like her:) I was realllllllly happy with the way it turned out, I almost couldn't give her up.
Then while I was at school, I wanted to be inspired, so I started writing out a list of all the reasons I love Joy.. and then it just came to me...
Here are some sneaks..
Gesh! My friends are so inspiring.
I hope you are feeling blessed and inspired today too:)


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