Tuesday, September 14, 2010

These friends of mine.

I have really talented friends.
No seriously, whenever I am in need of almost anything, I probably know someone who specializes in it. Wether its book smart, helping me recall dates and facts- giving me historical insight to situations. Music gifts, friends who make me smile when I see them sing because I know how much they love it or play me an instrument just so I can dance- or to make me laugh- or put me to sleep. Artistic friends, those who are brilliant painters, photographers, designers, and screen printers. Tech-e friends that I can call when my computer crashes or I can't recover a document. Teacher friends, those I can bounce curriculum and lesson plans off of, those who get as giddy as I do in the children's section of a bookstore. I have a wide range, and I love it. I love being connected to a group if people so diverse in their strengths. It makes us such an interesting bunch:)

Well anyway, I'm a super proud friend. I notice when I meet new people and talk about my loved ones, I am so energized to share who they are (as people) and all their accomplishments. So I decided to just start embarrassing them all on this blog.

Introducing my very first blog segment: Friend of the week:)
I'm sure this wont be an every week thing. I just want to credit these people for how amazing they are. They are all making the world more beautiful in their own ways, and have all had impact on my life.
So should we just get started?

Friend of the week: Danny Ebersole
Danny is a newer friend of mine, he is just darling. He is dating one of my best friends, Brandi. (<3)>
I have noticed over the last year he is really growing in his ability as a photographer, and more specifically using film. Some of his photos cause me to take a deep breath because they are just so beautiful. Some of them make my eyes well up (I am a sappy girl) so much that I have to instantly print them out and hang them on the inspiration wall.
Just a few of my favorites.
You can see more here! Love you friend.

Quite enough for now I think. I still am reallllly going to post some of my as of late projects tonight!

I'm surrounded with wonderful people,

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