Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tonight I'm like a paper doll.

So of course I have time to make a post and I have no new photos uploaded. Fail.
But I do have a very beautiful find I came across a few weeks ago.
On my way into work one early morning I passed a small barn with its doors open and what looked like tables filled with "stuff". I was unsure if it was a sale or just summer clean out but i stopped anyway.
There I was met by an adorable elderly couple who invited me in to look around. They had a lot a really beautiful treasure but all had been accurately appraised, way out of my price range. I went into a small shed next door where they had told me they kept the antique furniture. My eyes were locked, could they really be selling this? I had come in contact with a beautiful antique dollhouse. It was what I have been looking for. I have an old victorian my Dad built be when I was little, but this is what I wanted a very simple 5 room house, straight clean lines. I looked and looked for a price tag but couldn't find a thing. Finally, I asked the woman to come over and see. She explained to me that it was an actual dollhouse from the thirty's and I was welcome to have it for free.
.. mouth dropped ...
I told her there must be some mistake, if I could even give her ten bucks I would. She said it had been there forever and I would be doing her a favor to take it off her hands. I wanted to just hug her, but I also didn't want to break her.
I thank her about a million times and happily carried my new toy to my car.
I KNOW. You're staring at those pictures in disbelief, I'm sure. But really its mine. I plan to do some renovating to it, but just want to be so careful not to ruin any of its distinct original features.
Okay, off to get some work done. I'll try to update later this evening.
Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend.

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