Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy songs for happy people.

It is beautiful out today!
It is one of those days I could drive around with my windows down and my music loud. I could let the cool breeze fill my car and the leaves fall in through my sunroof. It would make me very happy.
I made brief mention yesterday about a new journal I got! I am very excited about it.
A few months ago a friend of mine gave me this journal..
She told me to fill it with whatever is in my head. So I have been, so much so that its already full. I have not been wanting it to come to an end; I carry it with me everyday, everywhere. As soon as something pops in my head whether it be something I observe, a lyric I hear, a craft idea, a thought I have, I capture it and keep it here.
It has been wonderful to log my very full brain and be able to look back on those thoughts.
Unlike any other journal I have ever used, this one was filled with graph paper. I didn't know how to feel about it, but by the end I fell in love and it was essential my new journal had it too.
I found this one..
I am in love again. I am so happy I found one a little bigger so I can really use the space. I have been vigorously logging since I got it, I am beyond inspired.
Also my absolute favorite journaling utensil of choice is Sharpie pens.
When they came out with these there was only black and I would go through them so fast. Now they come in a whole assortment of colors and they just make me giddy.

Are you ready for my secret goal? I am going to learn guitar.
Or I guess relearn what I had started. I actually could somewhat play at one point. Ya know, when I lived at the Babiuk house of music genius. I practiced daily, and my Babiuk loves were always super patient with me. They also had about 30 guitars I could choose from to play.
Now I am home, guitarless and missing some music sort realease. I don't want to play for anyone else but me. Just because it calms me down, like the cello used to. I didnt care if anyone ever heard me, it just helped my soul.
Where I nanny in the morning they have a few guitars but I don't think anyone ever plays them much. But when I ran my fingers across the strings today, a miracle, it was in tune!
After the kids went to school I brought it out on the porch and played some chords and the only Shins song I could remember. Over and over again. It was a very nice time for me:)

So there you have it, a look into my secret brain.

I hope you all will challenge yourself. Make a goal, despite what anyone may think, and work for it. Being inspired is truly a gift, take advantage of it.

xo bird.

Monday, October 25, 2010

A new friend.

HAPPY 75th Post!
oh my word!

I am back with a quick before bed post when I noticed this will be my 75th post! That's a pretty good blogging milestone:)
I promise for my 100th post I'll be more prepared, we'll have a blogging party.

ANYWHO, I haven't sewn anything in almost a month so I was determined to make a little something tonight. I kept putting it off until about an hour ago and then I made this new little friend.
Pretty cute right? I know he is a little lop-sided but I drew up his pattern in a whole five minutes so bare with me.
I'll try to perfect him more in the next couple days. But for now I can go to sleep feeling accomplished:)

Goodnight lovely blog readers.

Ps. Anyone have a good name for him?

xo jess

I would have stayed with you.

Oh a lovely weekend indeed!

This weekend was boyfriends birthday and because he is far from home we wanted to be sure it was a good one:)
We are pretty tight knit with the family I nanny for. We go over there at least once a month for family dinner, and always love it. We just really love those kids and their parents are amazing. We gain just good life things from them.
Anyway, on Friday it was Derek's birthday (dad), and the family invited us out to eat so we could celebrate both birthdays together.
Of course we would never pass it up, we had a really lovely time. And all my kids hand made Greg birthday cards. It was so cute!
I snuck out Saturday morning to have some Bethany Joy time. She made me a super yummy breakfast and showed me her SUPER cute new apartment. I was pretty jealous;)
Here's one of her adorable decorating ideas from the living room,
SO inspiring.
Also saturday we Greg and I had a super simple "us" day. We had a bunch of random errands to run. My boy HATES to shop, especially for clothes. But, with winter coming and his only two pairs of pants both filled with holes, I decided to make him.

That night we had birthday dinner with Greg's meal of choice. We just hung out with the family, opened gifts, and both sketched in our notebooks. (did I mention I got a new craft journal!?) We watched movies and and had cupcakes. It was very cozy.
On sunday, we got invited to Greg's ceramic professors house to help press cider. IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! The house itself was definetly Greg's dream house. Log Cabin style. The inside was to die for. And being a ceramics genius he had made everything. All the dishes, all the tiling on the floor and countertop, and even the bathroom sink.
I could barely take it all in.
The whole afternoon was filled with veggie chili, apple crisp, wonderful conversation, kids, the outdoors, and the most amazing freshly pressed cider, ever.
I wish I could spend more of my days there. It was definitely rest for the soul.

I hope you all had a peaceful weekend as well.
I have things stirring in my head and will hopefully share some of these things soon.

xoxo jbird

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The worlds got me dizzy again.

So literally on my 6:15 am drive to nannying my head was filled with bloggness.
If I could have pulled over my car and got wifi, I probably would have wrote right then because jeshhh my mind was sure awake today.

After my travels I've just been thinking so much about trends. What makes something trendy? How many people give into because they really believe in it and how many people are working on just being, well, "cool".
And I was thinking about the number of people that make me feel bad a week if everything I ingest isn't organic or homemade, or low calories or whatever they put on me.
Don't get me wrong. I eat super healthy, sometimes I don't eat enough. But, I just don't think we should be judging people because of what they eat, nor do I think we have the right to bash them.
This reminded me so much of the music scene in high school. How everyone thought "their" music was the best, and if you listened to "that" band you didn't know anything, or if you wore "those" clothes you like a certain genre of music. And people were always making you feel bad for what you like, more importantly who you were.

The way I sometimes am looked at right before I pop a double stuff Oreo in my mouth, is the same way I would be looked at if I dare admit I still listen to The Postal Service.
I am not trying to imply I object to ideals and radical thinking. Believe me, I want to change the world just like anyone else. Having passion about something is one of the most beautiful things someone can experience in their life.
I just think there is difference between passion and pushy.
True passion is conveyed by simply being. If you're living out your life passionately about something, you should never need words. People can hear you just by observing. And if you're lucky you will ignite something within them and then they'll come to YOU!

Isn't that so wonderful?
I just don't want to live my life stressed about what I am putting into my body. To me this is the same as stressing about being overly thin. And you know what sometimes I just want a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream.
That's right, I am a girl and I eat ice cream.
I also eat, french fries, coffee with two sugars, cookies, pasta, chocolate, and soup, from a can.
Yup, I said it.

But you know what, its okay. I don't eat these things all the time, I don't even eat them every week. And I think life is just about balance.
Everything in moderation.

SO breathe. It's okay you ate out to dinner last night. Its okay you just ate a tub of ice cream alone. And its okay that you are yourself, because its who you were made to be. Be inspired by those around you, ask questions, be bold but live your own life and you will really find happiness.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

There are times that walk from you, like some passing afternoon.

I am so sleepy.
We pulled in around midnight from our grand adventure. As we were rounding my street I almost wanted to ask to drive around the circle one more time because I knew once we pulled in the driveway,
it would be over.
It was the weirdest feeling, we fit about 3 weeks worth of fun into 3 days. But, we had absolutely nothing planned. We never had a schedule or a be here at this time or that, we just let ourselves "be".
Be. Just letting the days plan themselves. It was the kind of rest we really needed. Just to be away from our schedules and plans and time frames. We never thought of home once.
And even among all the chaos, laughing, coffee, walking, sleepyness, music and cooking, we had some really good soul talks. Really just valuing such lovely people.
So thankful for the friends we stayed with. They have a wonderful home in the sense that they make it one just by all being together. Some of my favorites moments were definitely spent in the apartment. Smiles.

We went to the MoMA. I almost cried in the entry way because of all the beauty. Then I cried alot throughout the entire museum. My brain was so filled and inspired after. Just wow.
I just felt apart of history. Seeing some of the most famous paintings of all time. These painting you've seen a million times in your art history books, there they are. Looking closely at every brushstroke. Being able to just sense the raw emotion. I was just so moved.
We had a goodbye breakfast at probably the most deliciously fresh cafe. yum.
We were only an hour outside Greg's hometown. So before we headed home we got to stop into good ol' hunterdon. I saw my beautiful jersey loves, starting with my Mama Antonow. We surprised her at work:), spent some soul time with Amy, surprised my darling Presley at work, and ended our quick visit with cupcakes at Linneys. As Lin shut the door and looked at me she just said, "wow, I feel like you were here yesterday" like no time had passed at all (it has really been since the beginning of aug.) It made my heart so warm because I knew I really had a family in jersey too. Sigh.
She sent us off with cupcakes and we started the long haul.
As we pulled away across the amazing vast of bright blue and white clouds we saw a hot air balloon floating across the sky. All Joy could get out was a scream and when she pointed and I saw it I screamed too until we both started to laugh with tears in our eyes.
It was pretty magical.
The ride home was filled with many sing-a-longs and lovely chats.
It was truly a beautiful escape.

xoxo j

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where you invest your love, you invest your life.

Did I mention I was running away to New York City?

Well I am, I mean I did. I'm here.
I have a small break from school, so my loveliest Joy and I decided to get in the car and disappear for a few days.
We came with the utmost intention of rest. Did I really think that was going to happen? I mean I came to freakin New York City.
We got in around midnight and it felt so good to be reunited with friends.
We slept longer than either of ever sleep in, until 10 o'clock. wow.
We had good conversation, music, waffles, and coffee. It seemed ridiculously perfect and felt right.
After breakfast, we went to get some of our stuff out of the car (which was parked about a block away)
You can't even imagine the feeling in the pit of my stomach when we rounded the corner, and my car was gone.
That's right gone.
We assumed "oh gosh it must be towed". So we came in and called in my plates.
You can't even imagine the feeling in my stomach when the pound said they had no record of that car.
Stolen. The only answer was my car was stolen in New York City.
I cried. Freaked out. Then I called the police.
They came and we gave them all the info. They told us they most people stealing cars weren't trying to steal Volkswagen Beetles. And sometimes it takes the pound awhile to register all the cars they picked up.
So about an hour of worrying later. I got a phone call saying my car was at the pound, which still really sucked but was much better than being stolen. We can pick it up Monday.

I know really good first few hours, right?
We decided to not let it spoil our day and went out adventuring.
We legit waited in line for about 45 minutes for vegan doughnuts.
COMPLETELY worth it.
things along the way.
We went to the Metropolitan. I was in awe.
Then I turned the corner and saw it. Jackson Pollock, number 30.
I sat in front of it a long while and cried.
I have much more to share from the Met, but I'll save them for a separate post.

I hope you all had a wonderful saturday, hopefully a little less crazy than ours.

On a positive note, at least I don't have to find parking for tonight.
xoxo j

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So yesterday I decided to get productive.
I had a list to accomplish:
1. dye my hair
2. bake cookies
3. finish my paper
4. finish my crafts
5. box care packages
6. go to bed early
Everything is just about done. My paper took longer than I had hoped so my personal stuff went on hold. But I did make a batch of pumpkins cookies and they turned out delish.

The other day when I was at the record store I made an inquiry about a Where the Wild Things are mini vinyl and after chatting a bit, they gave it to me for free.
That's right, free.
So I got super lucky and having been enjoying my little 7" way too much. Even though it only has two songs off the album they are my two favorites and both are perfect for how I'm feeling this week.
One is called "All is Love" and the other "Hideaway". Which is basically what I've been doing recently, hiding away but creating love for people. I dont know what it is but I just make tea, put on my record, and sit in my room for hours.
Sometimes I just need to hermit.

Hope everyone's Wednesday is going swimmingly,