Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So yesterday I decided to get productive.
I had a list to accomplish:
1. dye my hair
2. bake cookies
3. finish my paper
4. finish my crafts
5. box care packages
6. go to bed early
Everything is just about done. My paper took longer than I had hoped so my personal stuff went on hold. But I did make a batch of pumpkins cookies and they turned out delish.

The other day when I was at the record store I made an inquiry about a Where the Wild Things are mini vinyl and after chatting a bit, they gave it to me for free.
That's right, free.
So I got super lucky and having been enjoying my little 7" way too much. Even though it only has two songs off the album they are my two favorites and both are perfect for how I'm feeling this week.
One is called "All is Love" and the other "Hideaway". Which is basically what I've been doing recently, hiding away but creating love for people. I dont know what it is but I just make tea, put on my record, and sit in my room for hours.
Sometimes I just need to hermit.

Hope everyone's Wednesday is going swimmingly,

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