Monday, October 4, 2010

It felt just like falling in love, again.

Happy Monday!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I did.
Do you ever just realize growth, or change. Like you wake up one day and you can literally feel a shift in the world?
This weekend this happened to me.
I went up to Houghton to see my boy. The weekend was just bliss. I felt that my smile was permanently plastered across my face.
There was some point when I looked up at him, and I saw him, I saw growth.
We are just about to hit the one year mark in our relationship. And I'm not going to lie, its been a really rough year. Beautiful, but rough. Such a learning experience has been going on. Not just about each other, but who we are as well. And I've come to some conclusions.
It has taken me literally a year to stop pushing. To let my guard down and trust. I looked at him this weekend and knew it was okay.
It was okay to let him in. It was okay to not know all the answers. It was okay to love him. It was okay that hard things would still happen.
It was okay that sometimes he would let me down.
I think I realized all this because I know I'll be okay. My happiness is built on so much more. And for the first time in life I think I can confidently say.. I am loved.
Loved by a King. Loved by a family. A community. A sisterhood. A boy.
I felt warm and I felt safe. Just to know life will suck, but I will be okay.
I'm moving forward, I'm gaining some ground. Sometimes it just hits me in the face.

We went on lovely walks to end the weekend so I could collect some Fall treasures.
Here we go, today is new! Be inspired by the changing of the leaves. Maybe it is your time to fall from the branch and trust you will fall on solid ground.

xo, bird.

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