Monday, October 25, 2010

A new friend.

HAPPY 75th Post!
oh my word!

I am back with a quick before bed post when I noticed this will be my 75th post! That's a pretty good blogging milestone:)
I promise for my 100th post I'll be more prepared, we'll have a blogging party.

ANYWHO, I haven't sewn anything in almost a month so I was determined to make a little something tonight. I kept putting it off until about an hour ago and then I made this new little friend.
Pretty cute right? I know he is a little lop-sided but I drew up his pattern in a whole five minutes so bare with me.
I'll try to perfect him more in the next couple days. But for now I can go to sleep feeling accomplished:)

Goodnight lovely blog readers.

Ps. Anyone have a good name for him?

xo jess