Wednesday, October 20, 2010

There are times that walk from you, like some passing afternoon.

I am so sleepy.
We pulled in around midnight from our grand adventure. As we were rounding my street I almost wanted to ask to drive around the circle one more time because I knew once we pulled in the driveway,
it would be over.
It was the weirdest feeling, we fit about 3 weeks worth of fun into 3 days. But, we had absolutely nothing planned. We never had a schedule or a be here at this time or that, we just let ourselves "be".
Be. Just letting the days plan themselves. It was the kind of rest we really needed. Just to be away from our schedules and plans and time frames. We never thought of home once.
And even among all the chaos, laughing, coffee, walking, sleepyness, music and cooking, we had some really good soul talks. Really just valuing such lovely people.
So thankful for the friends we stayed with. They have a wonderful home in the sense that they make it one just by all being together. Some of my favorites moments were definitely spent in the apartment. Smiles.

We went to the MoMA. I almost cried in the entry way because of all the beauty. Then I cried alot throughout the entire museum. My brain was so filled and inspired after. Just wow.
I just felt apart of history. Seeing some of the most famous paintings of all time. These painting you've seen a million times in your art history books, there they are. Looking closely at every brushstroke. Being able to just sense the raw emotion. I was just so moved.
We had a goodbye breakfast at probably the most deliciously fresh cafe. yum.
We were only an hour outside Greg's hometown. So before we headed home we got to stop into good ol' hunterdon. I saw my beautiful jersey loves, starting with my Mama Antonow. We surprised her at work:), spent some soul time with Amy, surprised my darling Presley at work, and ended our quick visit with cupcakes at Linneys. As Lin shut the door and looked at me she just said, "wow, I feel like you were here yesterday" like no time had passed at all (it has really been since the beginning of aug.) It made my heart so warm because I knew I really had a family in jersey too. Sigh.
She sent us off with cupcakes and we started the long haul.
As we pulled away across the amazing vast of bright blue and white clouds we saw a hot air balloon floating across the sky. All Joy could get out was a scream and when she pointed and I saw it I screamed too until we both started to laugh with tears in our eyes.
It was pretty magical.
The ride home was filled with many sing-a-longs and lovely chats.
It was truly a beautiful escape.

xoxo j

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