Tuesday, October 12, 2010

When worlds collide.

Ever since Greg and I have met we have always had so much to say about how great our social circles are. And its true, we both know some really wonderful people.
But sometimes we get really lucky. Sometimes these people meet and magic happens.
I am reminded what love looks like. Love that knows no style, state, or past. Love that has nothing to do with where you've been, its just who you are right now. Just loving people wherever they are at and whoever they are. Non judgmental love.
These people knew nothing about each other besides the fact that they both knew Greg and I. Yet, they meshed together like the void had never been there. As if this was not just a first introduction.
I believe this is just because our friends love well.
It is always just super encouraging for Greg and I because we realize just because we come from different places, doesn't mean the worlds have to exist separately. We can all be together.

Our weekend was filled with...
apple picking, egg breakfasts, hot cider, pumpkin carving, laughing, coffee dates, bike rides in the city,birthday parties, homemade pumpkin spice lattes, church, good talks, lots of hugs, mass amounts of food, free vinyl, naps, and the warm cozy feeling.

Pres and Den thank you so much for visiting!!! Please come again anytime:)
Tonight's goal: GET THIS HAIR DYED. serrrioussslyyy.

Yay, happy heart,
xo j

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