Saturday, October 16, 2010

Where you invest your love, you invest your life.

Did I mention I was running away to New York City?

Well I am, I mean I did. I'm here.
I have a small break from school, so my loveliest Joy and I decided to get in the car and disappear for a few days.
We came with the utmost intention of rest. Did I really think that was going to happen? I mean I came to freakin New York City.
We got in around midnight and it felt so good to be reunited with friends.
We slept longer than either of ever sleep in, until 10 o'clock. wow.
We had good conversation, music, waffles, and coffee. It seemed ridiculously perfect and felt right.
After breakfast, we went to get some of our stuff out of the car (which was parked about a block away)
You can't even imagine the feeling in the pit of my stomach when we rounded the corner, and my car was gone.
That's right gone.
We assumed "oh gosh it must be towed". So we came in and called in my plates.
You can't even imagine the feeling in my stomach when the pound said they had no record of that car.
Stolen. The only answer was my car was stolen in New York City.
I cried. Freaked out. Then I called the police.
They came and we gave them all the info. They told us they most people stealing cars weren't trying to steal Volkswagen Beetles. And sometimes it takes the pound awhile to register all the cars they picked up.
So about an hour of worrying later. I got a phone call saying my car was at the pound, which still really sucked but was much better than being stolen. We can pick it up Monday.

I know really good first few hours, right?
We decided to not let it spoil our day and went out adventuring.
We legit waited in line for about 45 minutes for vegan doughnuts.
COMPLETELY worth it.
things along the way.
We went to the Metropolitan. I was in awe.
Then I turned the corner and saw it. Jackson Pollock, number 30.
I sat in front of it a long while and cried.
I have much more to share from the Met, but I'll save them for a separate post.

I hope you all had a wonderful saturday, hopefully a little less crazy than ours.

On a positive note, at least I don't have to find parking for tonight.
xoxo j

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  1. It seems like you're having quite an adventure already. Just think, your periwinkle bug is the one bright spot in a sad pound. And now you don't have to worry about parking.

    I hope that you and Joy have a blessed and wonderful trip visiting Pete and Didrik. There's nothing quite like taking a retreat with your best friend. Benjamin and I will be adventuring to Montreal in a few weeks. ;-)

    I hope that the rest of your time is filled with Museuming, thrifting, vegan donughting, photographing, laughter making, mumford and sons enjoying, good time fun.

    Love you girl.