Thursday, October 21, 2010

The worlds got me dizzy again.

So literally on my 6:15 am drive to nannying my head was filled with bloggness.
If I could have pulled over my car and got wifi, I probably would have wrote right then because jeshhh my mind was sure awake today.

After my travels I've just been thinking so much about trends. What makes something trendy? How many people give into because they really believe in it and how many people are working on just being, well, "cool".
And I was thinking about the number of people that make me feel bad a week if everything I ingest isn't organic or homemade, or low calories or whatever they put on me.
Don't get me wrong. I eat super healthy, sometimes I don't eat enough. But, I just don't think we should be judging people because of what they eat, nor do I think we have the right to bash them.
This reminded me so much of the music scene in high school. How everyone thought "their" music was the best, and if you listened to "that" band you didn't know anything, or if you wore "those" clothes you like a certain genre of music. And people were always making you feel bad for what you like, more importantly who you were.

The way I sometimes am looked at right before I pop a double stuff Oreo in my mouth, is the same way I would be looked at if I dare admit I still listen to The Postal Service.
I am not trying to imply I object to ideals and radical thinking. Believe me, I want to change the world just like anyone else. Having passion about something is one of the most beautiful things someone can experience in their life.
I just think there is difference between passion and pushy.
True passion is conveyed by simply being. If you're living out your life passionately about something, you should never need words. People can hear you just by observing. And if you're lucky you will ignite something within them and then they'll come to YOU!

Isn't that so wonderful?
I just don't want to live my life stressed about what I am putting into my body. To me this is the same as stressing about being overly thin. And you know what sometimes I just want a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream.
That's right, I am a girl and I eat ice cream.
I also eat, french fries, coffee with two sugars, cookies, pasta, chocolate, and soup, from a can.
Yup, I said it.

But you know what, its okay. I don't eat these things all the time, I don't even eat them every week. And I think life is just about balance.
Everything in moderation.

SO breathe. It's okay you ate out to dinner last night. Its okay you just ate a tub of ice cream alone. And its okay that you are yourself, because its who you were made to be. Be inspired by those around you, ask questions, be bold but live your own life and you will really find happiness.


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