Tuesday, November 23, 2010

But for now I'll keep away, I've got nothing smart to say.

I'm sorry for my lack of blogging I just feel kind of stuck.
Its normal.
As a blogger you sometimes get the feeling that no one reads your blog and you wonder what is the point?
I'm there right now, feeling defeated about blogging.

So I'm going away for the weekend to my second home with boy.
Maybe I'll get my groove back, or maybe I'll just take a break from this.
I hope you all have a super great thanksgiving.
Eat lots of yummy things and enjoy your loved ones.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving Jess. I like reading you blog. I'm sure you'll get your grove back.
    I'm going to NYC with my sister and her 2 girls for Thankgivings. Can't wiat I have never been there. It should be magical!!


  2. hi Jess,

    i adore reading your blog! it brightens my day a little bit every time. and you and your boyfriend are so cute and sweet that it makes me a little teary sometimes.


  3. I creep on your blog sometimes just to see how you are doing and your stories are beautiful and inspiring :)