Monday, November 15, 2010

Heres the scoop:)

Ok Ok. I've been keeping secrets, but I've just been nervous!
But as of today its official..
My little dollies are going to going to go up for sale at Thread!
Now I understand your insides aren't probably going as crazy as mine were, but it honestly feels like steps toward a dream.
Thread, is the sweetest boutique located in the South Wedge of Rochester.
My heart was elated when the owner, Sandy, said she thought my dolls would do well to make 10 bring them in and we'll see how they do. I think I have been smiling ever since.
I also got 4 random, outside christmas orders.


YAY! It is amazing to feel like you are doing something you love. I feel very blessed.
Sending love to Buddy, who told her about my dolls!
Thank you blog world for letting me share my special news:)



  1. That is wonderful! It's a great feeling to have your work appreciated and wanted by others :-)

  2. so proud of you bird <3

  3. I'm so excited for you! You should sell your headbands and things there too if you get the chance to. ;-) I still keep stalking your etsy to see when you make the little bird handmade one.

    <3 you.