Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Hocus Pocus.

So halloween weekend... was complete and utter nonsense.
I think I actually enjoyed the whole week more than the actual day. So much laughter procrastination and sillyness.
My best friend maria comes up with really ridiculous and creative costumes but can never execute them.
So usually she comes to me with an extensive speech of what she wants and always ends with, "sooo can you make it?"
I always laugh, then agree and construction begins.
This week though we just couldn't get started, she came over every single day and we didnt actually start it until Friday when boy came up and made us be productive. haha
So off to the craft store we went got materials and then ran to Starbucks to get a cup of inspiration.
I also got this cutest kitchen timer while we were out!
We worked all weekend. We would work, eat, bake, dance, movie, hot glue, paint, and all in between.
Boyfriend did the major cup construction and I did hot gluing and painting.
I made my first pumpkin pie to enjoy while working.
And boyfriend painted his bear head he had made from cardboard and duct tape.
So finally Ria came over Sunday for her "final fitting" and we sent her off..
Are you even ready for this?
Yup, she was a mocha latte.
Her cup is made completely from poster board, cardboard, hot glue and tape. Her whip cream bow is made with cardboard, polyfill, wire, extra fabric, a headband and construction paper for her "straw".
We were really proud of the results:)
It was the best costume ever. We laughed so hard every time she put it on.
That afternoon I sewed myself a quick peter pan outfit. And went to a little halloween shindig with some friends.
(wish I had a full picture.)

I just love love love home made things. I love being creative and seeing things come together. I love the challenge of translating your brian or even someone elses into an actual functional physical thing. so fun.

SO since it took me so long to update I have another post today, so check back later:)

xoxo jess

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  1. Funny thing. I had already seen this costume because my friend Margarita posted a picture of your friend. heh. I thought it was awesome.