Wednesday, November 3, 2010

She couldn't help but sing.

So over the summer and early fall I was creating things non stop.
Then all of a sudden I let life take me over and gave in to being stagnant.
I let my schedule own my life and found myself far too many times saying,
"I'm too busy".
Too busy? Too busy to do things I love? Too busy to do the things that bring me joy?
Now that is just silly.
I was a little angry with myself, I have big plans.
And I'll tell you one thing, I'm never going to get there from being too busy.
SO, I made a mini goal for myself.
One new thing/creation/craft a week.
And this doesn't just mean drawing up the sketches, or having the idea. It means actually creating a sample, see how it goes so I can see how to improve. These are all things I need to be keeping track of.
So heres my new friend for the week. She is just a prototype so she's a little sloppy. But I think she turned out pretty cute.
I'm hoping to just be giving some of these "samples" away so they don't stock pile in my house. So if you don't mind something being slightly imperfect, let me know. :)
Hope you are all pushing yourselves. Hope you are not forgetting what you dream about, or thinking you'll never get there. Busyness is an excuse that keeps you from your potential.
So slow down and remember we can all get where we wanna be, we just need to be confident enough to try.
I believe in you,

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  1. ahh so cute! I love her heart. ;-)

    I'm happy to see you crafting!