Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ya, a tunnel from my window to yours.

On my way home from from my meeting yesterday my head is filled with magic, glee, and love.
It was practically overfilling.
I called Greg and started spewing out ideas. Thread allows you to have your own "tag" on your product. So I started sharing my brain with him on everything I might want, just something that really said me.
About 20 minutes later I got an email to my phone,
this is what he made of my ramblings..

Isn't it just darling?
Really, I wish you could have heard the nonsense I was sputtering. I cannot believe he made actual words out of it!
Love you babe.

I just really thought this captured my essence. And was thinking how many people around me really speak to my soul. So I was wondering/wishing/hoping to maybe have a variety of tags.
So if you think its possible to capture me in a tag PLEASE PLEASE make me one:)
OR if you have a photograph, quote, or anything else that may inspire me that you feel fits me I would love to hear from you, send them my way.
You can email me at jessallyn@gmail.com - hopefully in a few days I will have a beautiful inspiration post to share with everyone!


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