Friday, December 10, 2010

Friend of the week part II

That's right. I made it. I finished.
I am so excited to have some time again for blogging and other goodies.
But I just had to blog, RIGHT NOW!

Sometimes I see something and I am so overwhelmed with beauty and joy and inspiration I just absolutely need to share it.
So here goes..

Friend of the week: Hayden Welch

Hayden and I went to high school together and I had the pleasure of taking some art classes with her. I graduated two years ahead of her, but I always knew she was going to make it. She had something super special. It wasn't just her talent, it was her soul, her spirit, she is a lovely human being to share any time or space with.

Today she posted some of her newer work. I cried. By now in reading my blog I'm sure you know I am a complete sap, but really I was just moved.

She has just grown into herself even more than I could have imagined and what she is producing is simply beautiful. She is currently studying in Italy, and I hope she is soaking every moment.

A few years ago I wrote my first children's book. Hayden immediately came to my mind and I asked her to illustrate it.
The first time I received any of her drawings in the mail, I was speechless, it was like she took my brian and translated it for me. I was so thankful. It is on my back burner for now, but my story and her beautiful work will be revisited. For sure.
Sending love to you dear!

Whew! I just had to get all that out!

I have the next 5 weeks off of school. Do you know how much time that is?
This evening I have been compiling a list of everything I would like to accomplish in that time, I hope to share that with you later tonight or definitely in the morning.

xoxo jess

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  1. you are absolutely precious. thank you so much jess!!!